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Hey people, my name's Gordon, I'm the Russian guy who mods the game! Joined the community in the beggining of 2016 using the "RBD" account but forgot all the data when I was buying a new PC(And then I bought a third one in 2018). Registered a new account named "Gordon RBD", and then both accounts were merged.
Later I'm w. Colou founded the Buzz Team, released Homer's Adventure, and infamous Springfield Noire. Then I've bailed out and began creating Waylon's Story and also translating mods, but nobody really cared, so the translation project ended quickly. I'm a scripter/story writer in Willj99's Futurama: Hit and Run project. Hope it's gonna be a good one!
I have also founded The CMB Union, and together we will fix the monstrocity of a mod - Springfield Noire. This time, it's surely getting better!
I'm also trying to create a tutorial series, which you can find here
I stream super-rarely, but still, here:
Also I'm in charge of a weird parody called CineModSins, I upload mod sins twice a month:

Anyways, if you have questions or simply wanna chat with me - feel free to contact me in Discord: Gordon CMB#0458
You can also find my Twitter here: (By the way, I have a link to my very own Discord server pinned there, so you might be interested)
Alternatively, use mail, which can be found under the "About" section of my YT channel

Created Mods

Mods with a symbol are released but discontinued, mods with an mark are cancelled, mods with a are WIP. Mods with a mark are released. means the mod is frozen. means that the mod is planned. Mods marked with the letter (C) were made in the CMB Union Team, me being either the project lead or a developer/tester.

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The Simpsons: Hit & Run

The Simpsons: Hit & Run

Played 14 hours ago.
LEGO Yoda Takeover
LEGO Yoda TakeoverPlayed 1 day ago.
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(Parody)CineMod Sins: No mod is without a flaw
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Springfield Noire 2: Reinvestigated [Демо 1 уровня] (Перевод на русский)
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Springfield Noire 2: Reinvestigated [Level 1 Demo!]: Demo 1.1 Holiday fix
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