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Hey there, I'm Gordon CMB and I'm a Russian guy who used to make mods
Joined the community all the way back in around late-summer/autumn 2015, re-registered my account in 2016, briefly left the community in 2017 and 2020.
Failed to develop Homer's Adventure, Waylon's Story, Homer The Detective, Set To Kill, that infamous Springfield Noire, and The Curse Of The Flying Hellfish, there's also Apu Nahasapeemapetilon: Ace Cashier, which is surprisingly good
I also translated the game itself, the mod launcher, a couple of my own mods and Road Rage Returns to Russian, and that's pretty much it, but no one cares about a translation so I ceased all my translation activities
Other than that, I'm also the creator of Cinema Sins parody known as CineMod Sins, which is coming to it's closure
You can contact me in Discord, send me a mail or try to message me in VKontakte somehow, up to you. You can find all my links on, well,!
Majorly active in Discord, VKontakte and The Cutting Room Floor
  • Gordon CMB voted on Addy's topic: AI Vehicle Equality
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    AI Vehicle Equality
    Addy made this topic 20 hours ago
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  • Gordon CMB voted on Ca0ss's reply to: Italian Translation Mod
    Damn, I only just clicked this, this looks really good. Have you got a template for the billboards so other people can create them too in other languages?

    Fantastico, ho appena cliccato su questo. Sembra davvero buono. Esiste un modello per i cartelloni pubblicitari? Altre persone possono creare in altre lingue.

    I'm recreating it by hand, editing original one. I can share for sure. Can you DM me?
    You will need adobe photoshop
  • Gordon CMB replied to The Simpsons Hit & Run Return (Remake)
    Hi good day.

    I don't know how to speak English so I proceed to use a web translator and I hope you can understand everything, thank you very much.
    I had planned this project for a long time but I could not start with work or study, I hope to be able to do at least the first complete level, with all the missions, letters, cameras and gags, as well as their suits, vehicles and locations.

    I have remastered the cover and named it "The Simpsons Hit & Run Return", you can use it and post it wherever you want.

    And I already started with the main menu and some programming of the character, all this done from scratch and the only thing I will use from the original game are the sounds and music, so it will be in English and Spanish.

    I hope to have more content soon and your support in this project.

    Hello! When i can download this great mod? Maybe you think about additional cell-mod or effect? Thanks!

    Hey there
    This remaster/mod is still in early development, judging by the fact that it has just been announced
    I also heavily doubt the entirety of the game can be remastered from the ground up in just a couple of months, so please, stay patient
  • Gordon CMB replied to Modern Fixup Mod (Broken)
    1. I've fixed that. I'm just having problems compiling the mod right now because it's not letting me.
    2. races shouldn't crash but ill look into it
    3. no it isn't. not sure why you are having that issue. in fact, all the cars are faster.
    4. that's is because of your computer. I can't help that.

    also if I cant compile a mod update in 24 hours I'm going to have to remove the link until it starts working again. It's getting a bit ridiculous now since something like this never happened a few weeks ago.

    Hello! Where i can download this great mod?

    Judging by the post itself and it's title you can deduce that the mod is either still in development, or scrapped entirely, since it had no updates for over a year
    (Only MACCA himself can confirm the mod's status though)
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    LGBTQIA+ In Springfield!
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    High Quality Dialogue
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  • Gordon CMB voted on surviver's reply to: Fully Connected Map - Night Variant (1.4) (Important Major Bug Fixes)
    i hope one day its possible to make a day and night cycle with the fully connected map that would be awesome
  • Gordon CMB voted on Sparrow's reply to: Fully Connected Map - Night Variant (1.4) (Important Major Bug Fixes)
    Major fix update - 1.4. Please make sure to UPDATE ANY MODS USING PREVIOUS VERSIONS OF THIS MAP for playability's sake! Many thanks to legomariofanatic for reporting these bugs and various people in the DT discord server for helping me figure the fence normal issues out!

    • Fixed fence normals that were reversed in the map, most notably in l3r5 and l2r1.
    • Fixed painting issues in l1z2 that was not matched to the other pieces.
    • Fixed a missing texture issue in the graveyard, due to the fact L4_TERRA has a texture for one of the tombs that is not present in L1_TERRA.
    • Fixed a missing texture with oak trees being white when destroyed, due to the fact L4_TERRA also has a texture for those trees that is not present in L1_TERRA. Readded Oak_splinter.tga as a texture.
    • Re-added a missing fence to l1r2.p3d, should be present now.
    • Added CustomText that the original FCM uses, to tell you where the warps go to.
  • Gordon CMB voted on Kenny Giles's reply to: Bart's blue shirt on the cover art.
    Super interesting little speculative thread! This was something that was personally always weighing on my mind. Kind of a long-winded post, but wanted to share what I think is the most plausible reason for the Dark Blue Shirt Bart on the boxart. Making this a bit late as well tonight, so apologies if the formatting is a little messy.

    To start with the blue shirt itself appearing in general merchandise, your post is actually the first I've heard of Bart's blue shirt being a leftover from Fox hastily sending outdated references to manufacturers. Neat!

    I did a quick little internet search and it seems the source of this comes from a RebelTaxi video (which I had never actually seen!), but it doesn't seem to explain why the blue shirt was kept even after the show gained notable widespread traction. This appearance of Bart actually includes merchandise well beyond the early 2000s. This ScreenRant article here mentions the Bongo Simpsons Comics still using Blue Shirt Bart in some later issues. While I'm not super familiar with the Bongo Comics (I never read any of them outside of a Christmas-themed compilation one I had as a kid), there is a Bongo Comic compilation as recent as 2017 that prominently uses Blue Shirt Bart on the cover.

    Abraham Simpson (Grampa) also suffered a similar issue in concept art/promotional art for the show. While he was initially depicted with a blue sweater in some of the earlier Tracy Ullman shorts, his pink-ish sweater was much more common in the series. I've seen two versions of the art used for Grampa's HUD icon in Hit & Run. One with the pink-ish sweater, and one with a more blue-ish color. The latter was the one Radical actually ended up using for Hit & Run, so we know this is official and not any sort of fan edit. The Blue Shirt curse also seems to have followed Grampa into the Bongo Comics as well.

    I could see maybe Fox only really having these older Ullman models to go off of and that was sent out to those producing merchandise. However, the blue shirt was perhaps viewed as iconic in it's own strange way that it was intentionally kept and also made it's way over to SHAR's art? That's my only theory on why the Blue Shirt design was still popping up even in the later 2000s-2010s despite the show (and Bart's proper color palette) being very popular at that point. I feel the same might apply to Grampa as well.

    You definitely wouldn't be wrong to speculate that Matt Groening likely wasn't the man behind Hit & Run's boxart too. We know from some very early footage from IGN and whatnot that Radical had plans of producing their own artwork for Hit & Run's mission briefings. However, a developer that popped by our forums 5 years ago (Noviwan) explained these were done away with because Fox had '(...) a specific team that does ALL 2D content and drawing (for authenticity reasons, which is totally understandable). That's why the game has those kind of odd graphical iconic mission-briefing screens.' Note the use of word 'team' there.

    Because of this, I definitely wouldn't be surprised if the art in question wasn't handled by Matt himself, but rather a ghost artist that Fox paid to just mimic Matt's style. His signature was likely just thrown on the box for consistency/recognition? The artist might have not had too many references to go off of the game itself outside of the general theme, as not only is Bart's Ferrini noticeably off model, but the fire hydrant near the crashed car/Apu has the gushing water misplaced depending on what platform the boxart was on.

    These errors also lead me to think of the (admittedly disappointing) conclusion that the Dark Blue Shirt Bart in Hit & Run's artwork was likely also an oversight as well. While I feel the blue shirt was intended from the start, a darker color was chosen by mistake. Given how Bart's lower body isn't super visible on the boxart, nobody caught it and it was just shipped as-is. That, or it wasn't deemed too big of an issue and left alone.

    I'd love to hear more thoughts on the whole thing myself as I will admit this is the only time I've seen Bart depicted with such an off color palette for his shirt, so it's possible my theory of 'ghost artist just chose a bad color for Bart and nobody complained about it' isn't accurate.