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The Simpsons: Hit & Run

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Team Protix Hit and Run (Profixed Edition)
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Music that Hit and Run's soundtrack was based on
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Yellow Mirror
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I have a 62 plate (82000miles) Vivaro panel van. Since I have owned it, July 2015, I've had nothing but problems! The beginning of this year I had a brand-new gearbox fitted because of a common fault with water getting into the gearbox and corroding the bearings, which I had to pay over £1500.00 for and lost nearly two months work; being self-employed it was extremely hard to pay all the bills especially after Christmas. Now I have an injector fault which again is another common fault with Vivaros where water gets in to the engine bay and sits on top of the injectors and corrodes them. I have spoken to so many other Vivaro owners with the same problem, it is unbelievable that this has been known to Vauxhall as a common fault but they don't tell owners! I have contacted Rory Harvey (CEO) about this and got a template email back from his secretary saying that they can do nothing about it. I also had another email from Mr Harvey’s secretary that was nothing to do with my case and was meant to go to someone else (who also had a complaint) which I'm sure is data protection as it contained all his details!
This has left me stuck with a van that I can hardly drive as it has no power, is worth nothing as no one wants it with an injector fault, and I haven't got the money to get it fixed as I'm still paying a loan I took out to buy it.
It is very embarrassing driving around with a queue of traffic behind you, this has led me to drive around with a sign on the back to apologise to the cars behind me for going so slow!
I have lost all confidence in Vauxhall especially with the problems with the Zafiras as well. After the problems I have had with Vauxhall, I hope that I never have to own another one after this one!
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