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We've got our own file server!
Click this link or a link below the CMB Union username to browse the mods and tools made by The Union staff!


Welcome to the Union!
This page is an official page of The Simpsons Hit and Run largest modding grop The CMB Union
It is currently moderated by The Big Four:

The Big Four

1. Gordon CMB
-The founder and the leader of The Union. Manages mission scripting, texturing and storywriting
2. Duffhause
-The co-founder of The Union. Is a great modeller and LUA/Python scripter
3. Tappie2020
-The co-founder of The Union. Leads The Union's Quality Assurance team and is a great storywriter. He also wrote the dialogue for Spingfield Noire
4. Weasel On a stick
-Not the co-founder, but the man whose tools made lives of The Union(and not only The Union) staff much, much more easier! The main animator and tool designer


1. Nathan Steel
-Is the voice actor for Morgan Brown and a couple of other characters used in our mods!
2. Nightbane
-The main character model rigger and porter in The Union, good at giving publicity
3. WillJ99
-Is a great modeller just like Duffhause who helps us with collectibles and various other models

The Union also has it's very own Discord server which you can freely join if you want to!
All you have to do - is DM any of the leading members, and they'll give you the link.
Unfortunately, due to raids in the past - the links will have a limited amount of uses and will be terminated shorty after you've joined
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CMB Union: A new modding group
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