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"The highest purpose of art is to inspire. What else can you do? What else can you do for anyone but inspire them?" - Bob Dylan
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    Happy Pride Month
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    This is suuuper helpful, a lot of this was hard to figure out! Lots to tinker with, I'd recommend using 540p video or smaller so your simple mod doesn't end being over 2GB by accident haha i leaned that lesson the hard way!
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    Tutorial: Custom movies
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    The latest status update is live!
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    I didnt know you had a J******** alt. I said that as a joke. Also don't bring me into any of this either of you. I really don' t care about anything that happened months ago.
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    @Jake, I knew about the word filter. It's the fact that these comments happened so quickly is what irritated me. I expected them to end after the second wave.
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    You know what Duffhause? Leave me the f*** alone. I'm sick of you treating me like a Low Tier God supporter who just insulted a troll channel. You and xUnknown are the f****** reason why I don't talk much on Donut Team. It's ironic that you say that "you don't have time to waste on 'children like me'" when I was criticizing The Curse of the Flying Hellfish mod but you keep going out of your way to piss me off even when I'm not even talking about you. If you're still salty about one of your friends getting banned because of how you people were relentlessly harassing someone, well your response here pretty much shows it.

    For those who need context, I used an alt on YouTube (as of this post, I got rid of it) to respond to someone who appears to be the usual Justin Knight/Ruan De Jager accounts (the name was "Ruan Dee Vaker"). I forgot what I said on the EatMyShorts alt, but whatever the case, Duffhause knew it was my alt. Instead of also calling out the RDJ account like we usually do, he revealed that EatMyShorts was my alt. Basically, if it wasn't for him befriending Macca and then xUnknown, he wouldn't have stooped to this level. Both Macca and xUnknown (mostly the latter) started making subtle hints in the Discord about my alt.

    My first message was a joke to an irrelevant conversation (which joke responses like that isn't uncommon). Apparently, Macca was hinting about how I had a J******** account on some other Discord server, but that was completely false. Why would I impersonate a troll whom a lot of us despise? Anyway, xUnknown's message was pretty much what caused me to take a 1-month hiatus from the Discord.

    I didn't want to have to make this essay, but seeing as you, Duffhause, are always wanting to start s*** whenever possible for no reason, you were asking for this. You and the rest of S***** T*** are probably going to turn this into another SomeBot copypasta like the immature brats you are. I don't f****** need this.
  • Thomas Donofri voted on Duffhause's reply to: Flixzone YouTube Bot Comments
    Haha yeah, I used to get similar spam messages from some bot about supporting Macca
  • Thomas Donofri replied to A Long Long Night - Public Announcement/Refresh
    Howdy everyone! (I hope I'm not violating bump rules lol)

    I'd like to give a quick update on the mod. Since my last status update video I have created one new mission, and have revamped missions all the previous missions. Along with this I have been planning the later missions of the mod, along with planning the obligatory bonus content like the bonus mission and street races. I'm also putting together another Status Update video soon to tie all of this together! Apologies for the radio silence, as you all know life sometimes gets in the way. Going forward I'm still working on the mod, as well as working with the Futurama: Hit & Run Team as a scriptor. Also I'd like to take the opportunity to properly introduce my Github Repository for the mod. This doesn't immediately get updates when content is created, but more when it's finalized. If you want to keep an eye on scripting progress you can look there from time to time. Anyways hopefully this was informative and I hope to reveal more soon.

    Stay tuned!

    Thomas "Hipporeno" Donofri