Black Lives Matter.

Donut Team has been closely watching the events in our home country of The United States and are extremely distraught that America is still faced with racial injustices. The killing of George Floyd unlocked the pain and suffering of countless communities throughout America and the world.

Generally, Donut Team has avoided commenting on world events as we'd like to be a distraction and a form of peace from those looking to escape from the mind boggling world we live in. However, in this case we strongly feel that if we do not actively show our support, we only hurt a cause we care about so deeply.

To honor the legacy of George Floyd and all those that we've lost due to police brutality and racial injustice, Donut Team will temporarily redirect our homepage to this page. We hope everyone is staying safe during these difficult times and remember to continue fighting for what is right -- United, we stand strong.

If you're able to, please donate to one of the charities listed on that are working for civil rights for all people.