Holiday Creator Contest 2020

Holiday 2020 Creator Contest


To continue our path for bringing out the creativity of mod creators, we hosted our second ever creator contest. This time around, we focused on the Holiday season and the wintery weather that comes with it.

We'd like to apologize for the delay in getting this out. You can read more in our closing notes.


You can read the full competition guidelines here:

Each person who submitted has received the badge: "Sharing a Gift with the Grinch"


1st Place: Giant Snowglobe

Nightbane has created yet another total conversion mod. Play as Santa Claus inside this massive globe and keep the Christmas spirit alive by doing deeds to make Christmas the best it can possibly be!

The final mission will throw you back to one of Nightbane's older mods and shows the Nightbane Universe is an evolving creature that is re-inventing SHAR story telling.


2nd Place: The Ghost of Christmas Presents

Homer has been chosen to be Santa in the annual Christmas parade. The idea of Homer selling his soul to get some conveniently-timed Christmas presents that start running amok the town is a fun idea for a setting that's a nice stray away from the typical Holiday cheer.

Tappie blew us away with Mission 5. Mission 5 is an excellent showcase of a boss battle in SHAR and should not go unnoticed!


Come on down to South Park: Merry F'ing Christmas

Merry F'ing Christmas by The Hell Inspector has you playing as Mr. Garrison as he attempts to bring back the Christmas spirit to South Park. A brand new map of South Park comes with an extremely challenging mission, Chimpokemon cards to find and several other collectibles to purchase.

Merry F'ing Christmas was able to capture the South Park feel in an open world game and excites us greatly for The Hell Inspector's next mod!


Down the Slope!: Ice Cap

Ice Cap brings snowboarding to the Simpsons: Hit & Run! Featuring a level from Sonic Adventure, race down the track and purchase goofy outfits to do it in!

Weasel on a Stick has done incredible job porting and working with the game enough to make this feel like a classic Sonic game, albeit with glitches that were probably unavoidable. It is well worthy of a download and a playthrough.


An Unusual Christmas

"This Christmas, a bad boy has decided to ruin the holidays and get rid of other children's presents, but little does he know what has to happen."

As first campaign mods go, this is really good submission. We really can't wait to see what else Maz does in the future and how they will evolve as a mod creator here on Donut Team!


More Fun With Friends: Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a SHARMP centric mod that allows you to fight in a ring against other players.

Duffhause took creative liberty with the guidelines and created something well worth the fight! If you can scrounge together enough people to play, it is totally worth it to check it out!


A Whole New World: Winter Theme - Complete Edition

A remake/remaster of Donut Mod's companion mod "Winter Theme." Making Springfield into a winter wonderland was no easy feat and it is shown by the effort put in to pull off this texture mod.

Daniel was faithful to recreate the original winter theme with all levels being updated to support it.


Ending Note

We thank everyone for their contribution during this event! We'll be releasing the highlight reel alongside the next status update coming soon.

We want to apologize for the delay in posting these results. Between multiple deaths in our lives and the struggle that was 2020 and the beginning of 2021, we greatly underestimated the time and effort it would take to wrap this event up. We will do better next time. But until next time, please enjoy the mods and make sure to give all feedback to the mod creators!

Thank you so much and enjoy!