Mod Launcher Communication

As of version 1.16.1 of Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher, you are able to take advantage of features that allow communication between your client and the website. This allows new features that create a more social enviornment.

If you'd like to enable this, you can login using the Mod Launcher or enter your Donut Team Token. Resetting your Donut Team Token will require you to re-login to the Mod Launcher. To access your Donut Team Token, visit

Play History

Introduced in version 1.16.1, any main mod you launch that has been added to our Content System will be shown on your profile.

Can I add custom artwork, download link and name for my main mod?

Yes! Using the Donut Team Content System. You can add your mod name's, it's internal name, a forum link and an image. This system is fairly primitive at this point in time and most likely is riddled with issues. We'll be working to improve this as time goes on, we thank you for your continued support and if you need any help, don't hesitate to ask!

Does this require my mod has a set Internal Name?

It is strongly recommended you add a set Internal Name to your Meta.ini. Otherwise a user renaming your mod's folder or LMLM file will not share the internal name. You can add an Internal Name by adding the following to your Meta.ini:


How do I hide my mod from play history while I develop it?

If you've already added your mod to the Content System, you can hide a main mod from play history by adding the following to your Meta.ini:


PLEASE NOTE: The effects of this will remain if it still applied when compiling. If you plan to distribute your mod and want it included in a user's play history, remove this.