Trick or Treat 2020

Trick or Treat Event


Annually, Donut Team hosts a Trick or Treat event to unleash brand new content to the community. 2020 has been a crazy year, so we thought what better way to make things feel a little normal by hosting our Trick or Treat event.

We wanted to empower our mod creators and let them unleash their potential by hosting a creator contest. The support for this has been incredible and we'd like to thank everyone for playing and contributing!


You can read the full competition guidelines here:

We'd like to make a note about mod categorization: Because all submissions that would have qualified for the vehicles category were submitted as pack for levels and/or costumes, we've instead changed to have two winners for Levels and Costumes. Meaning we will award four people with winning the competition and they will each get a $10 USD Steam Digital Giftcard.

Each person who submitted will get the following badges:

  • Dressed for Spooks: Submit a costume (individually or as a pack) for the Trick or Treat Creator Contest.
  • Vehicular Spookslaughter: Submit a vehicle (individually or as a pack) for the Trick or Treat Creator Contest.
  • Spooky Worlds: Submit a level/experience mod for the Trick or Treat Creator Contest.

This is our first competition we've held, so we expected some missteps in terms of categorization. We will do better next time and we hope that you understand why we made this decision.

Top 4 Submissions

Winner (Level): SkeleTown

Nightbane created a total conversion mod, featuring the town of SkeleTown. The mod has you playing as Skelly helping the mayor of SkeleTown with errands.

Given the length of the competition and how much effort Nightbane put into this mod, this should be considered a masterpiece. Loads of fun with creativity packed into it.


Runner-up (Level): Treehause of Horror

Duffhause created a blend of fun, interesting and frustrating missions to create an excellent Halloween mod. After Smithers and Mr. Burns dump nuclear waste into the ocean, the fish become radioactive and begin to take over springfield and eat humans like they eat them!

Between this mod and Attack of the 50ft Eyesores, we had so much trouble picking a runner-up.


Winner (Costume): The Homer Pack 2: Halloween Boogaloo

Weasel on a Stick made a pack of spooky, horrifying and weird costumes for Homer to wear this Halloween.


Runner up (Costume): Zombie Homer

The Hell Inspector has a new take on the zombies within SHAR and an awesome costume for Homer.


More Submissions

Attack of the 50ft Eyesores

Attack of the 50ft Eyesores is a mission mod where you play through the classic Treehouse of Horror segment of the same name. It is extremely creative and shows what is really possible when converting a show to a game.

Between this mod and Treehause of Horror, we had so much trouble picking a runner-up.


The Pumpkins

This mod makes every playable character wear a funny pumpkin on their head to celebrate halloween.


Level 1 and 4: L7/Halloween Skyboxes

Simply makes Level 1 and 4's skybox just like Level 7's skybox and changes the color/style or look to be like Level 1 and 4's original skybox from the main game.


Maz's Entry

Maz's entry is a pack of assets that was originally going to be used in a greater mod, but unfortunately was not able to come to fruition. The assets are fantastic and excites us for what is possible within this game.


Fat "Bone"-y

Homer came up with a brand new costume for Fat Tony complete with hot dog shoes, painted-on bones, and best of all, skin-tight spandex.


xUnknown's submission

This is a classic xUnknown submission. That's all I'm going to say on the matter.


Ending Note

We thank everyone for their contribution during this event! It was an absolute blast to play and see all of these come to life. We'll be creating a highlight reel demonstrating all the mods sometime in November.

Thank you so much and enjoy!