Tuesday Topics #1

Posted on Aug 24, 2021 by

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Learn all about what Tuesday Topics are and some recent happenings with Donut Team and the community.


Hey everyone, this is Loren from Donut Team and welcome to the first Tuesday Topics blog post!

What is this?

This is the first in a series of blog posts we are hoping to post every Tuesday going forward.

Both the name and concept are inspired by Factorio’s Friday Facts, which is a (sometimes) weekly series of blog posts about the game Factorio that I’ve personally followed for years. I’ve always found it cool to see insights into what Wube is doing week-to-week, so I hope this can provide similar insights to our community.

That said, you can expect these posts to talk about what we were up to in the week prior and also feature some totally rad community creations!

Anyway, without further ado, let’s begin:

Web Service Updates

This past Saturday, we launched a variety of updates to our websites and web services (such as the site you’re reading this very post on).

If you missed it and would like to know more, please check out the Going Forward forum thread.

Community Releases Page

The next order of business I’d like to talk about is the new Community Releases page of this website.

This new page aims to put some of the community’s creations front and center by giving them dedicated pages much like our own releases.

Right at the top, you will find the “New Community Releases” section which highlights brand new releases from the community. Currently, we plan to keep new releases in this section for about two weeks after their initial release.

Then in the middle, you’ll find the “Community Tools”, “Community Mods” and “Community Resources” sections that feature community creations that have been out for more than two weeks.

And then finally, at the bottom, you’ll find the “Upcoming Community Releases” section which gives some space to exciting community projects that aren’t out just yet.

For the initial launch of this page, I personally reached out to several creators including maz, MorganVain, Slurm Team (specifically Will and jay_mate), Thomas Donofri and Weasel on a Stick to fill it up with some of their new, past and upcoming creations.

Going forward, I plan to regularly reach out and add additional pages as the community continues to create awesome stuff.

If you’re a creator who isn’t featured yet and would like to have your content added, please email me at loren@donutteam.com to share!

Community Spotlight

Aside from the new Community Releases page, I’d also like to feature some other cool stuff the community is working on that isn’t featured there (yet).

Green Ham Mod from @Weasel on a Stick

I’m cheating a little bit this week, because this was first posted to the forum on August 12th, but I can’t not talk about @Weasel on a Stick’s Green Ham mod.

To put it simply, this mod lets you build a custom vehicle out of various components using an online car editor and then lets you use it in game!

The Green Ham car editor and an ingame car created with it.

This mod is currently in alpha but you can check out the forum thread to play it right now if you’d like!

Rad Outfits from @JArmstrongArt

Next up, I’d like to just briefly shine a spotlight on some of the really neat outfits made that @JArmstrongArt shared in our Discord server over the last week or so.

Bart - Burns' Heir

Lisa - Lizard Queen

Dancin' Homer


This concludes our very first Tuesday Topics. We hope you’re excited to read more of these posts in the future!

- Loren from Donut Team

P.S.: Borb thinks you should listen to this.