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Hey everyone, this is Loren from Donut Team and welcome to another Tuesday Topics blog post!

This week, I have some progress to talk about regarding our web services (nothing too terribly exciting though) and also an update on our Scratchy character model.

Making Progress

While trying to get our new accounts website (discussed a few weeks ago) off the ground, I hit some snags with our shared client side code that I wanted to address.

This led me down a rabbit hole that basically boils down to me spending lots of time addressing a couple things:

Our Progress Bar Library

As you may have noticed browsing between pages on this site and other Donut Team sites such as the forum and the documentation site, there's a nifty little progress bar at the top to make you feel better about pages loading.

This progress bar, up until today, was provided by the NProgress library.

This library is awesome and we've used it for a long time but this week, I've decided to start moving away from it.

Instead, I made my own ProgressBar class that provides something similar but with some key benefits:

  • More than one progress bar can exist, even running concurrently if necessary.
  • It does not use ID based selectors whatsoever.
  • The code is something I understand.

I still want to improve how it works a little bit before rolling it out everywhere but it is already in use on this site by the time you're reading this.

Module-ifying Stuff

One other thing I did this week that took a lot of my time was module-ify all of our client side JS code and just generally made it neater.

It's a bunch of mundane code under-the-hood code changes so I don't really have much else to say but you can read up on JavaScript modules here if you're curious.

As always, everything I work on is ultimately working towards a larger goal but it might be a while yet before I have anything exciting to show. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy these write ups.

Scratchy Update #1

Last week, I mentioned how a couple of our staff members, @maz and @Borb are working on Itchy & Scratchy character models for our Additional Characters resource pack.

This week, I'd like to provide this update image on the Scratchy model that will be coming to the pack in the near future:


Thanks for reading another one of our Tuesday Topics posts! See you again next week.

- Loren from Donut Team

P.S.: Borb thinks you should listen to this.