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Hey everyone, this is Loren from Donut Team and welcome to another Tuesday Topics blog post!

This week, I'd like to talk about an update to the homepage of this website.

Homepage Update

This week, we're adding a couple new sections to our homepage:

The "Featured Mods" Section

Since we launched this new Donut Team about site back in August of last year, it has had a block on the homepage dedicated to our most recent large mod release: the Donut Mod 4 Level 2 Public Beta.

Recently, however, we got the idea to replace this section with something that better showcases both our mods and those by the community.

Introducing: the Featured Mods section!

This new section of the homepage is an image carousel that rotates through some of the mod releases featured on this website.

Note that releases must meet the following criteria to be featured in this section:

  • The release must be a mod.
  • The release must have at least one version available to download.
  • The release must have at least one image.

Currently, the mod the carousel starts on is chosen at random but we may explicitly override this for new releases in the future.

The "Our Blog" Section

In addition to the Featured Mods section, we're also adding a section that puts our most recent blog post front and center so people stumbling across our website can get up to speed super quick!

You can check out these new sections on our homepage at the link below:


Thanks for reading another one of our Tuesday Topics posts! See you again next week.

- Loren from Donut Team

P.S.: @Borb thinks you should listen to this.