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Hey everyone, this is maz from Donut Team and welcome to the second Tuesday Topics of February 2022!

You may have expected Loren, but it is I again.

This week, we will be looking at some ground breaking things some members of the community are working on:

The Simpsons: Hit & Run - The Definitive Edition

Being worked on by @meowsandstuff and their team, with just as much love as the original game, The Simpsons: Hit & Run - The Definitive Edition (SHAR DE for short) is going to bring us the classic game we all know and love with a bunch of upgrades.

For starters, we have a total redesign of the vehicles, crafted by @Ingwar. I absolutely love these myself, and I bet you will too!

Here's some screenshots of SHAR DE's Police Car:

SHAR DE Police Car - Normal

SHAR DE Police Car - White

SHAR DE Police Car - White (Damaged)

Not only are the vehicles are being remade, but the original maps have also been ported into Unity, with very nice and comforting lighting!

Homer in front of the Simpson's House.

Lastly, they are also remaking the original game's soundtrack in much higher quality! Here are some of the tracks so far:


The forum thread for this project, as well as a thread for a mod that introduces its aforementioned higher quality soundtrack, can be found below:

kRoLLiK's Semi-trailer Truck

Lisa standing in front of the Semi-trailer Truck.

Radical! When I saw this and sent it to the team, we were all staring at the video for few good minutes, wondering how this was achieved.

This is such an amazing little innovation and is exactly the sort of thing we love seeing from the community! As always, we encourage everyone to attempt any crazy ideas they may have because you just might get really fun outcomes like this.

The Semi-trailer Truck driving near the Duff Brewery, perhaps heading out to deliver a fresh shipment?


Thank you for joining me for this week's post! Ciao-ciao & see you next week!

- maz from Donut Team

P.S.: Borb thinks you should listen to this.

P.S.S: Borb asked me to add something about her hating Romania... for some reason.