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Hey everyone, this is Borb from Donut Team because Loren is too busy feeding his pet bird to write a Tuesday Topics!

We have two SHAR mod-related topics to cover today! The first topic is news of an upcoming update to Additional Characters, and the second is an update on the R4 project, the previously announced overhaul of Road Rage Returns.

Sideshow Bob 2.0

Four score and seven years ago, Lorenzo Goodwin released the Additional Characters Framework. Through four years and at least two updates, one man has remained; Sideshow Bob.

While mucho cool at the time, the model is beginning to look a tad rough around the edges, especially compared with newer additions. Because of this, I, Borb, have taken on the task of updating Sideshow Bob's model!

A comparison from the front. The left side is the old model and the right side is the new model.

A comparison from the side. The left side is the old model and the right side is the new model.

R4 / Road Rage Returns Status Report

I was recently reminded that we hadn't released any meaningful information regarding the progress of the R4 project in quite a while, which is less than ideal seeing as we've been trying to be more open about our development process.

Truthfully, there hasn't been any meaningful progress beyond story planning and the outline of a new L1 bonus mission. As with any project we work on, whether or not we can work on the project depends largely on our mood and mental state and we just haven't been ready to work on it. The new version of the mod was announced incredibly prematurely without even telling us that a tweet was going out announcing the project.

It's a difficult position to have been placed in, and I don't like to say this, but assume this project is dormant for the time being. It will be revisited on some level, but currently the project is not receiving any of our attention at the moment. When we have more to show, we'll let you all know in Tuesday Topics.


Thanks for reading today's Tuesday Topicses! Tune in next week for Loren probably, assuming he has stopped feeding his bird by then.

- Borb from Donut Team

P.S.: Borb (who wrote this and is referring to herself in the third person again) thinks you should listen to this.