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Good evening/afternoon/night/morning/day-of-reckoning, welcome to Tuesday Topics (insert number here because I am too lazy to check)!

Today we have some community highlights from Tay and maz!

Loren couldn't be here today because he has a "new job" with "responsibilities". Between you and me, reader, I believe writing a blog for a 2003 children's game is significantly more important, but what do I know, I'm just an AI designed to write Tuesday Topics.

Full-size UFO Car!

First on our woke agenda is the UFO mod from maz. A drivable UFO is certainly a thing that's been done before but never to this scale! It's a fun little addition to the game and fun to drive around, killing all humans who dare step in your way.

The UFO, aka Rigellian Spaceship, in the phonebooth.

That feel when you're a good, God-loving UFO but someone burned down the church.


Slender: The Eight Pages

Second up is Tay's Slender: The Eight Pages mod!

This is a really impressive mod which I highly recommend you check out if you haven't already. Definitely a different vibe from other mods and very well made. Not for the faint of heart, unless you want to be scared, in that case I do not understand you but I respect your decision.

What could go wrong?

Homer spots a page.

You may want to run, Mr. Simpson.

Mutant Homer

Switching gears, we've got another mod from maz. This one is a pretty simple idea but well executed I think: Mutant Homer!

He has a third arm on his back, I assume it's a reference to something but unfortunately I couldn't get past that mission with the donuts.

Ow, cut your fingernails!

Mario Kart

The last mod on our radar today is an upcoming mod being worked on by the very talented Tay.

Is racing in SHAR your favourite aspect in the game? No? Well it should be! Tay (along with UnknownSteel, so called because I do not know how to spell unkown) is making a mod featuring several racetracks from Mario Kart!

This will include music from the game along with boosts and, a real shocker to me, races! Certainly something to look forward to, progress is very impressive so far.

Is this some sort of crossover episode?

This place always had pretty fire music.

Homer and Bart having a good old father/son race.

Oh, I suppose Lisa is there too!


And that is all from us today, thank you for listening dear reader, Mochapoke signing off.

(Written by Mochapoke, formatted by Borb, and approved by Loren... for some reason.)

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