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Tuesday Topics #48: Springfield Racing League & An Intriguing Leak

Published Aug 24, 2022, 12:34 AM by

Maz discusses a series of community events and a leak he stole from Loren's drawer.

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Ahoy-hoy everyone, Maz from Donut Team here, welcome to another blog hosted by me!

In today’s Tuesday Topics, I will be discussing a series of community events & a leak I stole from Loren’s drawer.

Springfield Racing League (SRL)

SRL is a new series of racing events, hosted by @Sulfito for SHAR MP, in which anybody can participate!

In @Sulfito’s own words: “Presenting the new SRL as a project of PROTON to provide a bunch of new experiences within the world of SHAR(mp), generating as many internal competitions & community events as possible, to get to know the multiplayer mode made for this game & grow a community around it.”

Previously, a bunch of these events took place within our Discord server as well as PROTON’s Discord server.

You can check out their topic about it here!

Springfield Racing League logo

Super Secret Leak

I’ve been checking Loren’s drawers and I found a letter from a secret member of our staff, saying they’ve been crafting houses lately.

I am not sure what this is about, but the following image was attached to it:

OwO what's this?


Thank you for joining me in today’s topic, & I can’t wait to find out more about what’s cooking & share it!

- Maz from Donut Team

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