« Donut Mod 4: Public Beta

Created by Donut Team

About this app

Donut Mod is an extensive campaign mod with a new version of the classic Buzz Cola conspiracy story.

This public beta currently includes the first two levels of the game with all of the following features and content:

  • Two difficulty modes.
    • Normal Mode: A more simplified and easy-going experience.
    • Hellfish Mode: A more challenging mode for those who want to test their skills.
  • 15 new story missions.
  • 2 new bonus missions.
  • 6 new challenge missions.
    • These missions take the place of Street Races and feature more varied objectives and new host characters.
  • 2 new taxi missions.
    • These missions take the place of Wager Races and feature randomly generated sets of passenger delivery stages.
    • You earn money from playing these missions, making it a great way to grind out for a level's cars and outfits.
  • Modified versions of the Evergreen Terrace and Downtown maps.
  • Over a dozen new cars available in shops and in amongst traffic.
  • 4 new outfits for Homer and Bart as well as some for NPCs.
  • 14 new collector cards.
  • 60 wasp cameras.
  • A new high definition HUD.