Donut Mod is a full campaign mod modeled after Hit & Run's original campaign. The main goal is to have a significantly more polished and fleshed out experience. This is a public beta version that includes all of the content in Level 1:

  • Two difficulty modes.
  • 8 new story missions.
  • 1 new bonus mission.
  • 3 new challenge missions.
  • The taxi mission.
    • 91 routes available in this version.
    • Most routes do support Hellfish mode in this version and there will be no extra rewards on these routes.
  • 6 new vehicles.
  • 4 new costumes.
  • 7 new collector cards.
  • 30 wasp cameras.
  • The new high definition HUD.
    • Most of the HUD is complete but some parts are still untouched.
  • One new music track.

by Donut Team