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Donut Marge (for Homer) · 1.0

Adds the Donut Marge costume for Homer in level 1. The first custom character for the Simpsons: Hit & Run!

by Lucas Cardellini
Minecraft Pack

Adds a Minecraft skin for Homer and a Minecart that's driven by either Steve or Alex.

by Loren Goodwin
Wireframe Character Pack · 1.0

Play with a wireframe version of all the base game's characters.

by Donut Team
Sideshow Bob Character Pack · 1.0

Drive around Level 1 as Sideshow Bob.

by Donut Team
The Headless Character Pack · 1.0

Adds headless character variants for the original playable cast. Available in levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!

by Donut Team
RayBart · 1.0

Adds the "RayBart" character to Level 2 as a costume.

by Jake Andreøli