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Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher

Lucas' Mod Launcher is a required tool to run any well-crafted Simpsons: Hit & Run mod.

by Lucas Cardellini
Lucas' Pure3D Editor

A tool used for editing Pure3D files.

by Lucas Cardellini
Lucas' Pure3D Editor Model XML Format Blender Add-on

Import and export model XML files in Blender for use with Lucas' Pure3D Editor.

by Lucas Cardellini
Lucas' RadMusic Script Builder

Lucas' RadMusic Script Builder is a tool that allows you to convert RMS files to and from an XML format to edit them.

by Lucas Cardellini
Lucas' RCF Explorer

Open and explore The Simpsons: Hit & Run's RCF files to extract files.

by Lucas Cardellini
Lucas' RSD Converter

Modify RSD files in the Simpsons: Hit & Run to totally add new sounds!

by Lucas Cardellini
Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Car Shadow Adjuster

Easily edit car shadows in .con files in the Simpsons Hit & Run.

by Lucas Cardellini
Pure3D Distinct Chunk Finder

A debug tool created to learn more information about unknown chunks. This tool is not helpful to mod creators and only should be used to test unknown data in Pure3D files.

by Donut Team
Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Install Verifier

Used to verify your game's install. You should not use this unless instructed to or are reporting an issue.

by Lucas Cardellini