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Hit & Run's 14th birthday
The Birthday Cake Car
A sweet new ride

To celebrate this event, we're releasing an original car: The birthday cake car is the epitome of what modding has become.

You can download it now and share your birthday celebrations with this awesome new ride!

  • Added this mod
Road Rage Returns 1.1.1

We're working on the next giant content update to Road Rage Returns, but we have some bug fixes and new adjustments that we hope you like in the meantime.
  • Now requires Version 1.16 of the Mod Launcher.
  • Now requires Custom Road Behaviour, this allows the traffic to drive over bridges.
  • Now requires No Inactive Dynamic Object Collisions, this fixes props so they do not explode when going near them.
  • Reformatted Authors list to use the Mod Launcher's new credits system.
  • General
    • Updated the ingame credits to match the Authors list.
  • English
    • Changed the names of the levels to a simple episodic naming scheme: Episode 1 and Episode 2.
  • Bootup
    • Moved the License screen image into this file.
    • Removed the copyright text from the License screen image and made it actual Frontend text instead.
  • Main Menu (Frontend)
    • Fixed an oversight where the page for viewing collector cards was still the original one.
    • Fixed an issue where the Level 2 collector card images were still the original collector cards.
    • Removed the sparkles from the collector cards on the main menu.
    • Updated the image outside the Simpsons house window in the main menu scene.
  • In Game
    • Updated radar related images to be more fitting to the theme of the chase.
    • Updated the ticket and busted text to imply that you're billed by the Burns Transit Company instead of fined by the police.
Rewards / Characters / Cars
  • Chase Cars
    • Adjusted the shadows of the chase cars to line up with the nuclear buses.
  • Level 1 (Evergreen Terrace)
    • Added Traffic to the Bridge by the School.
  • Level 2 (Entertainment District)
    • Added Traffic to the Bridge by the Box Factory.
  • L1M0
    • The text in the mission banner image is no longer capitalized.
  • L1M1
    • The text in the mission banner image is no longer capitalized.
  • L2SR2
    • Changed the NPC to Nelson.
  • Shortened the name of level prop files (L1_Props.p3d > l1p1.p3d).
  • Divided Resources\scripts\classes into two folders: data and modules.
  • Relocated the rewards handler to Resources\scripts\handlers.
  • Overhauled both the rewards handler and rewards data table. Level handlers were also updated to reflect these changes.
Multiplayer Event
Play this weekend for an exclusive profile badge
Profile badge

We've added profile badges to your Donut Team profile, the first one we're adding is for this event. To get it, simply login and play multiplayer this weekend. Every five minutes, everyone playing at the time will have a chance of receving the badge.


Anyone with a Donut Team account can collect this badge, jump in and play multiplayer for a chance to collect. You have until the 18th of September at 9:00am (UTC) to collect it!

We'll be adding more badges in the near future. Good luck collectors!

Play now
Mod Launcher Update

We're also live with a brand new update to the mod launcher. Featuring an updated design, multiple new hacks and bug fixes.

Mod Launcher
No Inactive Dynamic Object Collision (NoInactiveDynamicObjectCollision.lmlh)

This is a new hack which makes props react differently. It is specifically for Road Rage Returns to prevent the props from "exploding" when approaching them.

Resizable Window

This is a new hack which allows you to resize the window of the game.

Custom Road Behaviour (CustomRoadBehaviour.lmlh)

This new hack allows a mod creator to specify different behaviour per road node. It allows mod developers to prevent traffic from snapping to the ground and changing the tolerance used when preventing U turns at intersections.

No Mission Start Cameras (NoMissionStartCameras.lmlh)

This is a new hack which disables the camera animations that you see when starting a mission.

Custom Limits (CustomLimits.lmlh)
  • Fixed a bug where CustomLimits.ini wasn't included when compiling mods.
No Fast Car Reset (NoFastCarReset.lmlh)
  • Made it requirable by mods and hacks.
Custom Limits (CustomLimits.lmlh)
  • Fixed a bug where CustomLimits.ini wasn't included when compiling mods.
Modern Resolution Support (ModernResolutionSupport.lmlh)
  • Made it check the amount of resolutions defined in the frontend file instead of assuming 6.
Aspect Ratio Support
  • Made the translucent black thing on the background of the phone booth handle different aspect ratios better
Custom Stats Totals (CustomStatTotals.lmlh)
  • Made clothes and vehicles each disabled in the scrap book if there's zero of them.
  • Made it play a sound when taking a screenshot.
  • Made it flash the screen when taking a screenshot.
  • Using control+F12 will take a screenshot and exclude the HUD.
No Cheats (NoCheats.lmlh)
  • Made this hack tickable but hidden by default.
Launcher/Hack Support:
  • Made Multiplayer.xml included when compiling mods.
  • The mod launcher will now warn you if the executable you select is not in a game folder.
  • Made it take the game out of fullscreen mode temporarily when showing message windows.
  • Added mod credits and made other changes to the mod information area.
  • Made it so an author can have multiple groups.
  • Made it so you can specify which author groups are going to be used so you can control the order of them.
  • Added a "Game Install" button in the "Open..." dialogue to jump to your game's installation folder quickly.