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Donut Team Maintenance - 4 November 2018: https://donutteam.com/forum/topic/2080/
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Summer Road Trip

Day 3

The Falcon Pack

The Falcon Pack features an iconic character's vehicle and map to The Simpsons: Hit & Run. We have a trailer available below. We'd like to thank you for spending this event with us and giving us your continued feedback. Thank you!

Port Town: Big Blue Map & Blue Falcon Car Mod

Announced during our Trick or Treat event and inspired by the mod created by DerpyDosh, we're now releasing the Blue Falcon vehicle with the Big Blue map. Here's some screenshots of it. You'll need to decompile the mod and add it to a separate mod to play in other levels.

Blue Falcon Blue Falcon Blue Falcon

New New York City: The Planet Express Ship

Welcome to the future; The Planet Express is here to deliver packages to your intergalactic neighbors!

Planet Express Planet Express Planet Express Planet Express

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Day 2

Welcome to Day 2

Today we're launching two car packs and we're also discussing some awesome new content that we and awesome modders are making. You can read more below! We'll see you tomorrow with Day 3!

Capital City: Wireframe Car Pack

Yesterday, we released the Wireframe Character Pack. Today, we're launching the Wireframe Car Pack! Featuring all base game cars in wireframe form!

Wireframe Wireframe Wireframe Wireframe

Washington, D.C.: PAYDAY Pack

We're releasing an awesome car pack. The PAYDAY pack features the van from the video game series "PAYDAY 2". We're also featuring Hoxton as the driver in the PAYDAY van. Not only is the van awesome, it has two skins attached to it. The OVERKILL skin, and the default blue skin; Check them out below! You can download this mod and use it's contents in your own mod.

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Mod appreciation

Today we're also taking a little time to show appreciation to the people who are making some other awesome content on our site.

Late Night at the Kwik-E-Mart by Kenny Giles, in association with Donut Team

Kenny Giles has been creating some awesome content for his upcoming standalone mod Late Night at the Kwik-E-Mart. What can we gather from these screenshots? Well, it looks like Homer is attempting to outrun a "Mysterious Limo" that's following him; it's almost as if it doesn't want any witnesses... Homer running out of the Kwik-E-Mart. Looks like something bad happened inside, and Homer is rushing to fix the mess. The nightshift at the Kwik-E-Mart is a scary, very dangerous, job. Homer decides to be a hero and get Apu some supplies to help make the nightshift a little easier. In addition to self defense, he's also grabbing some goodies. Apu deserves to treat himself. Looks like Homer is going to have to get his hands dirty to save a good friend from certain death... And I think the news said something about these, and they're annoying; feel free to destroy them.

lnakm-1 lnakm-1 lnakm-1 lnakm-1 lnakm-1

Yellow Shift by Pancake Team

The Simpsons Hit & Run: Yellow Shift is a total conversion mod bent on looking at the game from a different perspective and developing an entirely new story in Springfield. The story begins with the telling of Marge's vendetta for Bonestorm II, but it evolves into a vast new conspiracy enveloping Springfield. Currently, two levels are available in their Alpha state, and we're working on adding more to them as time goes on until they're up to standards. We're also developing a third level, of which there are screenshots below. We're currently looking for a voice actor to play a female character involved greatly in the story, so if you or someone you know wants to audition, contact Max Walker on the discord.

ys-1 ys-2 ys-3

The Odyssey of Springfield by Will Johnson, George James and xUnknown

The Odyssey of Springfield is an awesome mod created by Will Johnson and George James. Together, they're now adding Ned Flanders as a playable character into level 3. With awesome new ideas such as stealth-like missions shown on their YouTube, to recreating Ned Flanders' outfit from the episode Bart Star. You can download the current version of the mod here. You should expect great things from these guys in the future.

odyssey-1 odyssey-2 odyssey-3 odyssey-4
Day 1

Welcome to The Summer Road Trip Event!

To get started, we have a video showcasing all the content we're releasing today. Tomorrow we'll have a second trailer available for day 2's content. We hope you enjoy!

Capital City: Wireframe Character Pack

Introducing the "Wireframe Character" Pack! Play with a wireframe version of all the story characters and see an alternative version of each character in the base game!

The Wireframe Character Pack is free for download and is decompilable to use in your own mods!

Wireframe Wireframe Wireframe Wireframe

Tokyo: Tower Tooth

Tower Tooth, the final boss from Twisted Metal: Head On! is now available as a car in The Simpsons: Hit & Run. It is the largest vehicle ever to be made as a mod for this game, with an awesome fire effect!

Tower Tooth is free for download and is decompilable to use in your own mods!

Tower Tooth Tower Tooth Tower Tooth

You can now download these two things on the events download page. We'll see you tomorrow with more content!

Download now

Thank you for contributing to the Summer Road Trip Event!

If you have contributed to the event, you will be receiving a special limited-time badge on your profile once the new site launches. Thanks for playing!

Summer Road Trip Background

The Summer Road Trip Background

As always, we've created a small background you can use to get into the event.

What is this?

The Summer Road Trip Event is our way of getting the community involved with our development cycle. It also helps give back to our awesome community.

Is this event free?

Absolutely, this event is hosted by Donut Team at no charge to its users.

Where's Donut Mod?

Donut Mod will be available in the near future. We're currently working on finalising the brand new map and creating a cohesive story.

Where's CA$H GRAB?

Last year we announced this title before we fully knew our direction. This was a bad idea, and we're now restarting with what we were envisioning. The game will eventually be made, but it will not be called Cash Grab. We felt the name, while was clever for the type of game it would be, can be taken the wrong way. Because of this, we're currently calling this "Project Heist Horizon". This is an internal name however, we'll tell you the final name in the future. We want to provide our community and players the best possible. We'll have more news in the future.