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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this?

Our annual Trick or Treat Event is our way of getting the community involved with our development cycle. This gives users the ability to discuss the news and content we release quickly as we release new content on a daily basis. This also helps us understand our communities' wants and desires more.

Is this free?

Absolutely, all content will be released for free by Donut Team.

How can I support Donut Team?

Follow our social media and share the good word of Donut Team!

I'm unhappy with the free content you've given me, what do I do?

If there is a complaint about something we've done, let us know on our forum or via Twitter.

The Conspiracy is Coming Together.

Welcome to the Industrial Zone, a new map exclusively available inside Donut Mod 4. The Conspiracy is finally coming together.

Donut Mod 4

There will also be additional documents on the Smithslak website soon that will allow you to learn more about the backstory of new characters that will appear in this version of the mod. We hope you're excited to learn more.

Donut Mod 4

We hope to have the mod out to you soon but there is still a lot of work to do and we want to make sure we get this release right and make it live up to what you have all been waiting for.

Surfing the New Web- Website

We know the new website is taking a very long time to make, we get it. It's taking such a long time for a plethora of reasons. So let us explain why this is the case: In 2015, we set out to redo our current website from scratch. We felt the website that made it's debut in 2013 had finally run it's course and was no longer suitable for how far this community has grown. Since then, we've tried several times in several different programming languages to create a brand new, intuitive experience. It has proven multiple new challenges.

However, recently we've had a surge of work made on the current development version. We've implemented several new features, including something that was requested by a large amount of you: a dark theme. The theme and the rest of the website is a work in progress. We expect to try to launch it in 2018. We thank you for your patience. It's taking a very long time to nail this down correctly, but we want it to be a smooth ride.

In the meantime, we're adding quality of life updates to the current website. We'll be talking about a few on this page.

Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.16.1

Mod Launcher


Unlock All Missions
  • Made the hack do nothing in the demo version of the game.
Aspect Ratio Support
  • Fixed an issue that caused a rare, seemingly random, crash.
Custom Limits
  • Fixed an issue where changing the intersection limit didn't change the number of anim entities allowed which is required because arrows are stuck on every intersection.
  • Added "DeletedEntityLimit" property to the "Miscellaneous" section
  • Added "PathLimit" property to the "Miscellaneous" section
Hud Map Ignore Player Height
  • Added this new hack
Mod Launcher

Play History

Play History

You can finally rep the mods you play on your profile with "Play History". Play History is a revolutionary new section added to your profile that will show the mods you play if you login with Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher.

For more information: https://donutteam.com/about/mod-launcher-communication/

Donut Team Content System

Content System

To add custom artwork, a link and a custom name for your mod's play history, you can use our "Content System". We'll be moderating this system and adding your mods slowly to make sure the system works as best as it can. We know it has issues and we'll be ironing them out as we move forward.

Please report all issues you encounter to jake@donutteam.com

Visit the Content System

This concludes Day 1 of our Trick or Treat event. Check back tomorrow for more content!

An Ancient Prophecy Lives On


There is an ancient prophecy about a powerful wizard named Lucca.

Long ago, Lucca discovered a very powerful magic spell that allowed him to create new worlds.

Not long after, he shared his discovery with a small village nearby and they were amazed with his abilities and asked Lucca to teach them.

Lucca did and the village people created many amazing things.

However, the magic was flawed. It was easy for the spell to fail and hard to figure out why.

Lucca did not want to share his magic with anyone else until he could create a better spell.

So he did, he iterated on the magic again and again until he created a stable version of it. It was still complicated to cast but now mistakes were more clear than ever.

The village people helped along the way with the creation of the new spell, of course. Once they'd seen this version, they wanted Lucca to share it with the rest of the world.

However, he refused.

Lucca had one more condition for sharing his magic with the world, one he'd not disclosed to the village people prior.

Lucca wanted a world of his own. Tailored to him. A world constructed out of porcelain arranged in a particular shape.

The village people were unsure what Lucca wanted and the spell remained one that only him and they knew.

However, one day, one of the village people would create the world that Lucca desired. And then, and only then would Lucca be willing to share the magic with the world.

This is, as the prophecy fortold it.

Prophecy: Toilet

Fulfilling the Prophecy: The Giant Toilet

Prophecy: Toilet

Before we release a brand new custom map or the map builder, we need to fulfill the prophecy. Today we're doing just that with the release of the Giant Toilet.

A map designed for Lucca, it is the first fully custom map we've released thus far. All other maps so far have been ports. As the prophecy fortold, a map specifically designed for Lucca was a requirement before others would be able to access his magic. Now that it has been completed, you can expect fully custom maps (like Industrial Zone) and the map builder coming soon.

One last thing, now through 10 November 2017, unlock an exclusive profile badge when you play The Giant Toilet mod with Mod Launcher Communication enabled.

Get it now

The Map Builder

So yes, now that the Prophecy is fulfilled, we can release the map builder. In fact, it's (just about) ready for public consumption. It is absolutely terrifying to use without documentation, so we will be working over the next few months to write up documentation and then release it all when possible.

We bet you all have crazy ideas for your first map, and soon enough your ideas will become a reality. We can't wait to release it. But for now, just know it's on the way.

Road Rage Returns

We told you that we'd release the map you all requested.

We had a poll recently that allowed the community to vote on which map of Road Rage Returns we'd work on next. 60% of you wanted the Springfield Dam and 40% of you wanted the Power Plant. So we decided to ignore the vote and do both- at the same time.

Level 3 of Road Rage Returns is not only the Springfield Dam, it's also Power Plant. Play as Snake across eleven new missions that will have you traveling across a once closed off bridge.

Collect all the new postcards, four new drivable vehicles and cause havoc as Snake.

As an added bonus, get an exclusive badge for playing Road Rage Returns from now until 1st December 2017 at 12:00:00 PM UTC

Changelog for version 1.2
  • General
    • Now requires Version 1.16.1 of the Mod Launcher.
    • Added the Springfield Dam and Power Plant maps to Level 3, starring Snake!
  • Rewards / Characters / Cars
    • Traffic
      • Adjusted the mass of all traffic cars.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Updated the Road Rage Ferrini to have Road Rage Style wheels.
  • Levels
    • Level 1 and Level 2
      • Rebuilt these maps using a newer version of Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Map Builder. This most noticably improves physics props even further.
      • Changed the Phonebooth Model.
      • Removed Wasp Cameras.
    • Level 2
      • Fixed a road node near Moe's that was incorrectly configured to go to the wrong direction.
      • Fixed a road node near the Bowling Ally that was incorrectly configured and caused traffic to drive through buildings.
Download "Road Rage Returns" now
Download "Road Rage Returns Music Pack" now
Discuss the Update Bugs and Support

Modders, do you want to use Springfield Dam or Power Plant separately?

We'll be releasing a version of Springfield Dam and Power Plant that is available separately in the near future. We will also be releasing the other levels separately to make it easier to make your own mods.

Backgrounds (1920x1080)

With a logo: Background with Logo

Without a logo: Background without a Logo

Play History Update

Play History

Due to overwhelming demand, we've closed off Play History so you need to have your mod approved to show up. We apologise for any inconvience. We will be updating our content system pages to feel more integrated with our website and less badly put together (We're aware).

Starting with the newest leaked multiplayer (sharmp10.zip) you will now have your multiplayer progress tracked on your profile. It will show up under your play history with the only difference is it saying "Played a multiplayer session".

Thanks for your feedback with "Play History", we'll be working to make it an even better experience in the future.

Lucas' Screenshot Taken Sound Effect

A small little treat to you passionate screenshot takers.

Lucas' Screenshot Taken Sound Effect

That's a wrap

This concludes our 2017 Trick or Treat Event. This year we released three maps, several quality of life updates and news for Donut Mod, the Map Builder and the new website. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.