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About the animations...
Homer replied to thad4002's topic 1 month ago
Why do the characters' mouths not move?
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No vehicle deformation?
TizerisT replied to their own topic 1 year ago
Hi, I had just started playing it and its a good alternative to the other stuff but I was wondering why vehicle deformation was removed? There is one tiny crumple in the front corner of Homers pink car, but it's odd as the spanners dont change it.
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Is there a way to turn off car damage?
Addy replied to Vanilly01's topic 1 year ago
no description provided.
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Hey donut team, any plans to add the other levels to road rage returns?
Someone replied to Tatumpay's topic 1 year ago
Just asking, since it would be great for all of the road rage levels to be recreated. Like the level after the dam and power plant, downtown!
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RRR - Bug Reports and Suggestions for next version
[deleted user] replied to their own topic 2 years ago
Hey there. I have recently played and finished Road Rage Returns and I must say I really enjoyed it, although there were a few parts that frustrated me and I will point them below shortly.
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Road rage problem
AnibalRosas replied to their own topic 2 years ago
When i try to play the road rage returns campaing the letters are strange i see it like this MISSION_OBJECTIVE_0 and i can`t know what is the objective how can i fix it?
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