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SHAR Multi-Character Mod (Announcement)
codygamer1 replied to Hadley Steel's topic 1 week ago
You might remember me for creating Frank Grimes Mode and The Simpsons: Mystery Incorporated. I did, however, go by a different name back then (it's a trans thing).
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Local Split Screen Co-op
Jay_mate replied to Clox's topic 1 week ago
As the title says, I suggest the idea of simply being able to play throughout the whole campaign with 2 players locally and wishing that it becomes real someday
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Online Hit and Run
Sonic_exe666 replied to BlueWaffle's topic 1 week ago
Does anyone even play online still ?
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game keeps stuttering
Kenny Giles replied to rich8's topic 1 week ago
my game keeps stuttering i dont know what to do does anyone know how to fix this.
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Pride Edition
Addy made this topic 1 week ago
Replaces every texture with the Modern Pride Flag.
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Comic Book Gay & The Pride Kremlin Pack
maz made this topic 1 week ago
Happy Pride month to everyone!
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Blender and SHAR
Stringmaster7 made this topic 1 week ago
Hi, I am new to the whole modding session, so give me true and honest feedback. If it was said before, then show me how to get there. I have been at months without end trying to get a level map onto blender using everything on here. Can someone please help me out. I will gladly appreciate it. I got ...
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Wasp Cam Hunt
Addy replied to their own topic 2 weeks ago
Hunt down 50 very well (read: stupidly) hidden wasp cameras throughout Springfield!
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About the animations...
Homer replied to thad4002's topic 2 weeks ago
Why do the characters' mouths not move?
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Something New... From the Future
dudeman made this topic 2 weeks ago
Sup y'all, Dudeman here. As you can see by the flair, I need some help making a mod (because I don't know what I'm doing) mainly based off time travel. Add me on Discord (superdudeman1209#8315) if you'd like to help.
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HD Vehicle Textures - V 0.23
Ferruccio&Enzolive replied to GamerOC's topic 2 weeks ago
As of right now I've only redone 9 (and a half) vehicles. Originally I had an order to releasing these, but then I figured there were certain cars that needed this more than others. This little side project was started mostly because I noticed how horribly dated the Honor Roller's textures were (you...
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Lisa's wedding dress (from Lisa's Wedding) as an outfit in game
Jake Andreøli replied to BigGoofyCat2's topic 2 weeks ago
I would like to see a mod that includes the dress Lisa wore during the episode Lisa's Wedding. Just a personal preference.
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How do we sort of "combine mods?"
Jake Andreøli replied to dudeman's topic 2 weeks ago
I'm confused about adding two mods together (like for example a vehicle pack mod with a story mod) but I don't really know how it works. Could anyone explain how to, or is this not allowed? Thanks in advance.
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Fully Connected Map Mod (1.0.7)
JayTechTipsYT replied to Colou's topic 2 weeks ago
A fully combined map has been one of the most requested Hit & Run mods for nearly a decade, and thanks to some recent improvements with map editing tools and the release of P3DXML, it is now finally possible!
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