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Gordon CMB
RBD · normal user · joined 2 years ago


Hello, my name is Gordon. I'm, Colou and others founded the “Buzz Team”
Registered in 2015 but made a new account 'cause my PC broke and I forgot my old data

Created Mods

Homer's Adventure

Springfield Noire


Play History

Homer's Adventure
Homer's AdventurePlayed 33 minutes ago.
Multi-MemePlayed a multiplayer session 5 days ago.
Springfield Noire
Springfield NoirePlayed 2 weeks ago.
Toad's Turnpike
Toad's TurnpikePlayed a multiplayer session 3 weeks ago.
Modding Community Cars Remastered Mod
Modding Community Cars Remastered ModPlayed a multiplayer session 3 weeks ago.