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Yeah so I just downloaded this donut mod today, played through the first level and decided I wanted to try out some of these mods on the normal game, so I disabled the donut mod, loaded up the game, and its telling me that no saves were found. Even though I had a 100% completed file on it before I enabled this mod. So is this a common thing? Can I get it back?
This shouldn't happen, did you have any other mods enabled?
a couple of the hacks thats included in the Lucas mod launcher like indoor sprinting and borderless
Do you have no automatic save game load on? If you do, you'll need to load it from the load screen. Otherwise, I'm not sure why your saves would be missing.

What OS do you have?
No I never turned that on, when I go into the load game option thats when it tells me no saves present, basically like I just bought it. Im using Windows 7
In your game directory (where you installed it), do you see Save1 or Save# with a number instead of a pound symbol?
Oh, well I just tried it again and its back, not sure what happened.
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