Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.15 is now available

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We're now live with Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.15, you can get it by visiting this direct link or by using Donut Team's Simpsons: Hit & Run repository.

Launcher/Hack Support:
- Made the Mod Launcher check to see if a game version is supported after browsing.
- Added the title of an enabled main mod included in the title of the game's window.
- Added the setting "Game Visual Styles" under the Mod Launcher's "Advanced" settings.
- Added the setting "Game DPI Aware" under the Mod Launcher's "Advanced" settings.
- Added the setting "Ignore Game Compatibility Layers" under the Mod Launcher's "Advanced" settings.
- Added "Text" as a type of a setting that mods can use.
- Added "NoReset" as a flag of a setting that mods can use.
- Added "Text" multiple choice settings as a type of a setting that mods can use.
- Fixed an issue with unicode characters in INI files.
- Fixed issues with making the game DPI aware.
- Removed the tick box that would forcefully disable all mods.

Screenshots Hack:
- The screenshots hack is now a tickable mod; it is enabled by default.

Cheat Keys Hack:
- Made the keys only work if the "ALT" key is not down.
- The "0" key now resets your Hit & Run status completely instead of just emptying the Hit & Run bar.
- Improved handling of whether or not the player is in a vehicle.
- Improved handling of the player's rotation when standing on movable objects such as platforms or cars.

Custom Limits Hack:
- Added support for changing the region limit.

Aspect Ratio Support Hack:
- Added this new hack. This hack replaces the Widescreen hack.

Bug Fixes Hack:
- Added this new tickable hack; it is enabled by default.

This hack adds:
- Fixes an issue where the cursor is positioned incorrectly when using an aspect ratio other than 1:1.
- Fixes an issue preventing steering/swaying animations from playing.
- Fixes a crash when entering cheat codes on the main menu.
- Fixes issues where character rotations are handled incorrectly when standing on top of movable objects such as platforms or cars.

No Introduction Movies Mod/Hack:
- No Introduction Movies has been rewritten.

Widescreen Hack:
- Removed this hack, it has been replaced with Aspect Ratio Support.


Happy modding,
Jake Andreøli
I had the wide screen hack enabled and now whenever i open the launcher it says could not load wide screen hack. How do I fix this?
If it says:
Could not load the hack "Widescreen". This hack requires 1.14 of the launcher.

Go into your hacks folder and delete "Widescreen.lmlh"

If that file doesn't exist already:
Please let me know. I tried enabling "Widescreen" in 1.14 and then going into 1.15, but I don't experience an error
[deleted user]3 years
Nice update! I like the Bug Fixes hack, now I can enter cheats at the main menu too as on the console versions.

I wonder if you could as well fix other stuff in the original game such as using all 4 variants of Cell Phone Car in L2M7, fixing Cell Phone Cars to not make player invisible anymore (I have that one fixed on my end), fixing the All Characters cheat to cycle through all characters (some characters are missing like some peds) and so on. Here is a topic I made months ago that lists some problems that I'd like fixed:

I only want the stuff fixed that I said above, no gameplay changes at all.
Bug fixes was made not to change any of the games mechanics. It's made to fix issues that the game has such as missing animations.

Most of the changes you asked for can be done with a mod and do not require hacking.
[deleted user]3 years
I know that Bug Fixes is meant for serious bugs but I was thinking if you could integrate some additional fixes such as some missing peds when using All Characters cheat, if it's possible to edit cheats at the moment. I don't want any game mechanics changed obviously, that's something that mods usually do. I thought that fixing the Cell Phone cars (the driver behavior and making all 4 variants appear on L2M7) wouldn't change the gameplay, that's why I suggested that.
Aspect Ratio Support... oh wow, is this launcher update amazing! The bugfixes, the screenshot combination... it's amazing. Keep up the good work!
Lucas' The Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher all versions is not work in Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 ! Lucas/Jake Andreøli please fixing mod launcher for Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3! ;-)

P.S.: I'm sorry my bad English! I'm Russian! ;-)
Another update is good.

P.s. Belixil36, Хе, я думал, я один здесь Русский. / Heh, I thought I'm the only one Russian here.
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