[Mod] Wiggum In Zombieland (V1.3.4)

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Banner made by the lovely Will Johnson

The Backstory
It is now October 31st, and Chief Wiggum has awoken from his cola trance to see Springfield in shambles. Zombies are now on the streets, and a large UFO is hovering over of all places, the School Playground. Now you, the player, will play as Chief Wiggum, and save Springfield from an unknown enemy.


I took my time to beat this mod 37.2% and I'll give a brief ''review''.
But first, let me list off two(three?) issues.
First, there is no wasp camera behind Clancy's house. Trust me, I checked and it isn't there, thus making me only get 19/20 wasp cameras.
Second, after a while, the halls_balls part where you exit the car it starts playing on a loop, and it's pretty irritating. This might be my biggest problem.
Thirdly, I got all collector cards. They were all blank and didn't even count as cards without pictures, and they didn't even count towards the %.
Anyways, onto the missions!
Prologue- it's a pretty great start, you find a hooligan(Homer Simpson), you follow him to the nuclear power plant. He says there's no time and stuff, you climb up to Mr. Burns' office and tada!
A Birth of a Policeman- AAA mission right here. You go to the Springfield Community Center and find a zombie, and you need to get medkits to cure him. Extremely clever and fun.
The Green Glow- Basically you follow the cool black car, you get to Homer's house, he says he needs nuclear waste, you collect strange looking models of the nuclear waste, you talk to Homer and you win. Tada.
Probing Done Right- Oh, hello there, Alien ''Auto''topsy, nothing much to say here, go to the Nuclear Power Plant, get a barrel of waste, go to the schoolyard, and drive into the UFO and go talk to Homer.
END OF DEMO- easily the most disappointing part about this all.
All in all, this is an amazing mod, and one I'm looking forward to support. I especially like the new icons for some objectives(like Jeffrey Albertson's picture or Homer's new one.) I give this demo a solid 9/10, and if you fix the problems I will gladly upgrade to a 10/10. Great start, and as a demo it has great potential. Keep up the great work!
Thanks for the nice words! Since I previously made 2 what I would call, "mediocre" mods, I wanted to go back to the "drawing board" and make something better. I came up with Dr. Nick's Sellout Adventure, which I scrapped due to a lack of dialog for Dr. Nick. So I finally made this, and I'm really satisfied with the result.
Really good mod, look forward to what else you come up with :D
Excellent work, very big step up from your previous works and looking forward for more to come. Keep it up.
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Good Job
The Winners have been chosen!

Here's who won a copy of the pre-release:

Thank You!!!!
Woohoo! One question though, where will we get our links?
EDIT: Also, as much as I'd like to, I won't be able to record the mod, because no recording software seems to work for me.
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