Mischievous Night - BETA V.0.3.1

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BETA v.0.2 OUT!
@Will Johnson ill give it a try
Would you believe me if I said it completely slipped my mind to try this mod during the 0.1 release? Glad I got a chance to try the mod now though. The amount of detail and customization in this mod is great to see, and the mission design is pretty decently solid!


  • A fun concept that translates well into SHAR's gameplay.
  • Simple, but decent plot that's coherently told throughout a good majority of the mod.
  • Detail in new costumes is amazing.
  • Adjustments made to my HUD look incredible.
  • Lovely new custom cars.
  • The mod's way of ending the demo was really creative (the ending thanks was cute).
  • A decently challenging difficulty.
  • Custom music is pretty great.

  • Hit & Run meter's usage feels 'inconsistent'.
    • There are some times where it's enabled and other times where it's disabled and the mod 'jumps' between this often, even when it feels unnecessary.
    • Might be better to disable it altogether? Given the setting of the mod, a Hit & Run-less gimmick might better emphasize/encourage violence.
  • Occasionally the old HUD seems to leak through from time to time (ending thanks, L1M4) and should probably be changed.
  • Story does occasionally have some odd-ball moments that I feel need some tuning.
    • Nelson suddenly gets caught by the police before L1M2's events even though we never really see this and nothing suggests it.
  • Difficulty does seem to bounce around a bit.
    • I found destroying the Black Sedan to be the hardest challenge the mod currently throws at you.
  • If the Maggie gag activates at the main menu, she'll clip through Bart's body.


L1M0 - And So The Mayhem Begins...:

  • Decent prop destruction mission.
  • Challenging "Get away from Wiggum" stage.
  • Enough in the actual mission so it isn't too short or too long for a non-replayable mission.

  • I find it slightly odd that the drink Bart goes to get at the Kwik-E-Mart is never followed up on.
    • Another stage involving that or a follow-up mission might be nice?

L1M1 - Toying With The Fuzz:

  • Surprisingly challenging race with Nelson.
    • Breezed through it the first time. A bit harder the next time I played it.
  • The concept of unlocking the cDonut truck's back end is really well put together.
  • An interesting "dump" stage due to the cDonut truck being fairly fast.

  • Perhaps adjust the starting positions at the start of the race? The camera seems to spazz since it's really close to a wall.
  • Similarly, there's an issue where part of the Power Plant region isn't loaded because of your starting position.
  • Timers in races seem kind of pointless.
    • While we were guilty of it (hi Donut Mod 1!), it eliminates most of the purpose of the AI racer, as you're more 'racing against the clock' rather than the AI racer.
  • Make a cDonut copy that has a trunk texture edit to make it look open?
  • The cDonut truck lacks a driver.
  • Because of the trigger size of the donuts in L1M1, it's possible for the player to hit the truck and get a donut that's just outside reach.

L1M2 - Oh Bully, Where Art Thou?:

  • Comic Book Guy is a personal favorite character of mine, so it's nice to see him tag along in one mission.
  • You managed to make two back-to-back "follow and collect" objectives fun without feeling like it was repeating more of the same.
  • Clever use of keeping the Sedan stages enclosed near the trailer yard so the regions don't unload.

  • The detective's car (the Black Sedan) seems to be placed awkwardly in the Trailer Park.
  • Nelson with the NPD skeleton seems to have his arms clip inside his body when he crosses them, so this animation should probably be changed.

L1M3 - Helping The Working Man:

  • Usage of Carl and Lenny is great. They're typically very underused in mods that keep the central Simpsons theme.
  • Homer's Workstation icon is excellent.
  • The scene where you "steal" Homer's fireworks is really simple yet effective.
    • Homer just sitting there in pure shock works great.
  • Use of carspheres in the later half is fun and the explosion work makes the firework rigging feel more authentic.

  • The mission description seems to overflow the "Next" text.
  • The "carsphere" graphic for Homer's stage seems to "leak" outside the door and looks a bit strange.
  • Perhaps use SetStageMusicAlwaysOn(); for the Homer firework collection stage?
  • There seems to be an oddly placed duplicate Family Sedan in the tunnel that serves no purpose?
  • Readjust the text to read "HIDE IN KRUSTY'S GARDEN" perhaps so it's a bit easier to know where to go?
  • Smithers might work better as the "security guard" for Burns' Mansion here.
  • Use AddStageCharacter to forcefully readjust the player's car in the "stand back!" stage ? There's a chance they might block the trigger by accident.

L1M4 - Stock Clearence:

  • A bit short, but a unique concept helps carry it through.
  • There's no clear "item route", which I feel forces the player to think on their feet and is a refreshing change of pace from "linear" item trails.
  • Use of actual Simpsons clips is always smile-worthy.

  • Spell check just informed me that the title is spelled wrong. It should be 'Clearance' rather than 'Clearence'.
  • The premission still seems to use a vanilla icon?
  • For consistency sake, perhaps the cinematic should be edited so we don't see Bart?
    • He isn't wearing his PJs in this scene.
  • The Bonestorm Truck lacking a timer to destroy it seems slightly odd.
  • Restarting the mission causes an issue where you can very briefly see The Simpsons Household with the wrong camera angle.
  • The car seems to respawn in an odd position that seems a bit unfair to the player.

Overall, pretty enjoyable! Despite this seeming like a long list of complaints, a lot of it was nitpicking and minor things that I think would help the mission truly shine (I realize it was looking a bit negative so I changed 'Cons' to 'Suggestions').

The missions are decently challenging, it tells a simple story that takes advantage of Bart's character that works with SHAR's gameplay, and the missions are well-designed enough to feel like they're of decent length without feeling tedious. A lot of the custom content again is great looking. Big Smoke patrolling Evergreen managed to get a smile out of me even though I knew it was coming, and the custom cars you created look wonderful. Really happy to see somebody finally tackle Marge's Old Car.

Looking forward to the final release whenever it drops!
@Kenny Giles: Thanks for the feedback Kenny, i'll look into some of those claims and suggestions you've made and try to fix some of them.

In Stock Clearance the reason i didn't add a timer to the truck is because if it reaches the store the mission will fail. Also, Stock Clearance is spelt correctly ingame so i think you might of misread it lol, but other than that i'll get looking into your suggestions and try to rectify what's going wrong, Cheers!
alrighty. first of all.
@Will Johnson you did a great job on this *beta* mod.. it's fine. but tbh. the last mission was a little bit difficult. but all the missions are fun.
so. tbf *to be fair*. i'll give you 3.5/5. it's okay.

good luck finishing it in the future.
v.0.3 is out, including a new mission and countless new minor bugfixes and additional texture work!
Dude, like, where are Mission 6 and Mission 7 and Bonus Mission that features me (Snake)? I don't mean to rush you, but are you actually gonna think about releasing the next few missions for this mod Mischevious Night real soon? Again, I don't want to rush you. Peace out!

Yours truly, SnakeJailbird98
There is not going to be an update to this mod. Willj99 has said he has given up on it and doesnt even play the game any more.
Oh dude, like, that sucks. Maybe Willj99 is probably working on something else instead of modding The Simpsons Hit & Run. Remember when he used to start modding The Odyssey of Springfield like two years ago? I guess he's working on modding other games instead, that's a bummer!

Sincerely, SnakeJailbird98
oh man continue! with this mod is amazing!!!!!
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