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thank you very mucho!
Huh, looks like I updated this mod... hopefully this doesn't disappoint anybody.

Anyone know what the "hints and secret" might mean? Which is somewhere in Level 3.
God, how many times am I going to keep making polls!?
What exactly would the sequel be? Would it be like, the same concept mod but with entirely new/different missions than in the current? I'm not sure what a sequel would be necessarily.
I was thinking of making a similar mod to this, only to appeal to more hardcore players. How? Perhaps making vehicles faster (maybe even faster than the electaurus in SCM). Thing is, I don't want to completely change up the vehicles in this mod to fit what I had in mind as it wouldn't feel like the SCM people knew and loved approved anymore.
While I think I get where you're coming from, I'm not quite sure if vehicle adjustments alone would warrant enough change to scrap the mod as a whole. I feel as if more would have to be brought to the table in order to the players and want them to give this mod a chance. At the moment, what I'm imagining as the "sequel" to the mod would just be way too similar to SCM, and all I'm seeing in it is "SCM under a new name". I have a feeling most of the community would be willing to accept that Some Challenge Mod would have different car stats in in an update as long as that's made clear.

SCM is also the most brutal mod I can think of difficulty wise, so I really can't imagine it being much harder. That being said, I'd love to see what you have in mind to make it even harder if this ends up becoming a reality.

I suppose it's really up to you as this is your work and I know you can do some really awesome things with it, but I think you'd have to explain the sequel concept in fuller detail. I'm actually not sure if I agree the mod should be advertised as a "sequel" but rather a separate thing (as I find it weird the original would have no proper conclusion). Adding some things like:

- A paper thin story where Homer enters a competition that all of Springfield is in on to win a new car.
- Some potential new cars/car re-textures.
- Alternate animations for characters (I feel Homer doing a flip would be hilarious in this mod) by copying and pasting from some other animation P3Ds.
- New card replacements in favor of scrapping the "Fun Fact Cards".
- More potential gameplay gimmicks that are universal (Hit & Run being disabled?)

Would help better separate it from the original and warrant a branch-off. As it stands, I feel most people would be just fine with the decisions with car buffs/nerfs you have planned. So my vote goes towards "keep going!".

If you find yourself bored with the mod though, you can always take some time off since there are set due dates or just release one final update that adds a somewhat proper-ish ending to the mod and began development on this new mod, starting anew. I would however you seriously recommend adding more concepts to this potential new mod though in order to help better separate it from the original.
This can't be descontinued, this is a good mod
[deleted user]2 years
I disagree. I played it a couple of months ago and personally didn't like the mod at all, though some missions were cool but many were too hard and frustrating (especially those bonus missions and street races replacements). The author himself said the mod was crap and I agree in this case. You can watch the video by the author himself that shows most problems with the mod:

As far as I remember, the mod also disabled any way to use cheats, so if you had trouble with a mission, you couldn't do anything about it until you got lucky enough to be able to complete the mission. I know there were difficulties but I was sticking to "Normal" difficulty (which is the default difficulty, though difficulties didn't affect the side missions). However only some cheats/hacks worked, such as repairing the car upon resetting it and unlocking all rewards, which helped me beat the ultimate challenges (bonus mission replacements) using the vehicles you are meant to unlock after beating them. Because I tried these challenges with all of vehicles I had unlocked at that point and none helped me to beat these. I remember coming close to complete them but still failed at the end.

Now I will mention everything about the mod that bothered me, judging from the video above and from my memories when I played the mod:
-I don't have much to say about the story missions, I thought most of them were decent and was able to complete all of them, even if some took multiple tries. I don't have time to go through whole video and remember how the missions played for me, so you will have to decide for yourself.
-I hated Milhouse's retarded line which he says every time, even if you run him over or kick him. I don't know what is this supposed to mean but I didn't get the reference.
-Memes are annoying and not funny at all.
-The first bonus challenge in first level, crashes as soon as you finish it (can be seen in video as well)
-The first bonus challenge in second level, is only one (aside from that one from first level that crashes upon completion) that I was never able to complete it. It's way too hard and missing an item results in starting over from beginning and repeating the first parts as well. I also don't get why you first begin inside an RC car and then get teleported close to Milhouse, so why am I given the RC vehicle in first place? I tried to use it to get on top of Barney's plow king but that didn't help at all, so you are supposed to do it on foot. I guess the RC vehicle is given so you don't get to choose the vehicle you want, not that they would help you in this type of mission. The furthest I ever got was at Hans Moleman part (a few times, don't remember how much) and remember missing 2-3 items here every single time. So I gave up and didn't complete it in the end. I doubt it is possible to complete it, unless you try 100 or more times and even then it's pretty much impossible. I remember trying a few hours until I gave up.
-I don't remember much about the other bonus challenges, other than being annoying but they could be completed unlike Milhouse's ones (except the one from third level that was much easier than the two ones in first 2 levels).
-The ultimate challenges in general were all too damn hard and relied too much on luck:
-In first level, you had to protect Bart from those idiots who keep ramming into you at super speeds and it was impossible to survive, sooner or later you would either get a HIT & RUN and your vehicle would explode or if you manage to survive all of that and get close to Simpsons house, the time would run out. Every single damn time!
-In second level, the ultimate challenge was more possible than the other two levels (was still pretty hard) but I remember once being so annoyed when I managed to make it in time, collect all items while avoiding those idiots, just as mission got finished the nuclear waste blew up and I got stuck in never ending mission. I couldn't save my game or cancel or restart mission, so I thought that maybe quitting game and then saving game (game still asks you to save game, even during mission if you choose to quit game), I saved, then I loaded my save, only to find out the challenge was still not completed. So I had to redo it again.
-In third level, the ultimate challenge was also too hard but I eventually made it. I think it was a bit easier than the one from level 2.
-One of cards in level 1 (the one in stonecutters tunnel) was impossible to reach, no matter what vehicle you used. The furthest I reached was using the Surveillance Van and even then I couldn't pick it up. So I had to use "Unlock All Missions" hack to unlock all levels, along with "Unlock All Rewards" and use the Donut Truck from phone booth to reach it.
-Some other cards are placed in stupid places and require you to use unconventional places to grab them (through jumping from one place to another in sky), as shown in the video.

I hope I didn't sound too rude but really that was the worst SHAR mod I've played and was more frustrating than anything.
how to download some challenge
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