Putting Custom Songs in your mods

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Staff Note: This tutorial is outdated and it is strongly recommended you no longer use this method to modify music.

It is recommended that you use Lucas' RadMusic Script Builder instead. You can find full documentation on that tool here as well as a more recent community made tutorial here.

`In this tutorial, I will show you how to get the hex value of custom rsd files and put them into the level's rms file you intend to change.

Step One
Firstly, you must have a 24000 hz stereo wav file. This is tricky to get, and requires both putting it into audacity, changing the Default Sample Rate to 24000 hz., and resampling the track to 24000 hz.

Simply replace 41000 with 24000

Step Two
Now we must export the wav file and find it's Size not Size On Disk (Silly me!) once inputted into a rsd file.
Also put the file in YourMod/CustomFiles/sound/music/example.rsd
Now you have to find the hex value of the file. Note: The Windows 10 Calculator seems to give me incorrect results, use an alternative if you can

This is done by changing the calculator mode to Programmer

Now we will end up with this:

Now we will pad the hex value with zeros until it has Eight characters
Then we will split the values into groups of Two and reverse the order of the entire set of numbers e.x. (3T 03 E4 00 turns into 00 4E 30 T3)
Step Three
Now we are going to input the hex value we have calculated into the rms file for whatever level you want to replace. Extract the rms file by opening music01.rcf in the game's directory. Find l1_music.rms inside and extract it. Now use this list to find the hex value for a song you intend to replace. Now open this up in a hex editor such as HxD. Use the search function and select Hex Values before you search. Also, be sure to select All Directions before you search. Now replace the value you searched with the value we found earlier for your rsd file.

Final Notes
Usually when people use an incorrect hex value, you will get this error: Please Insert The Simpsons Hit & Run Disk 1 This can be fixed by undoing your change. Note, this error is not immediate, it happens after the length of the song's hex value is cycled once. Having a revisions .txt file is recommended.

Credit for original tutorial and images: Loren Goodwin
Audcity image taken from http://manual.audacityteam.org/man/quality_preferences.html
Damn it, I always use Size on Folder instead of Size on Disk, but I never get that error for some reason.

Also, a better example in place of
3T 03 E4 00 turns into 00 4E 30 T3
could be
00 A5 70 2F turns into 2F 70 A5 00

Also worth noting to make sure that when searching for certain patterns of values, other patterns that match other music files' data are placed somewhere close to it as some matching patterns aren't actually the music data and will cause the game to crash upon booting as editing the wrong values will corrupt the RMS file.
This is in my faves for when my computer comes back!

I've already changed 5 or 6 musics in my game (2 of them for the L1M1) by doing like CustomFiles.ini from the RRR Music mod, I didn't do the hex part and I only got this error once :/
You need to do the hex editing or the error will randomly happen. We will also not accept mods that do not function as they should as their is more than enough resources (guides and people willing to show you) if you need help.
Ok thanks, for now I think I'll just mess around with custom musics and when I'll feel that I've replaced all the musics with all the ones I want, I'll do the hex part (it doesn't seems to be so difficult ^^, just a small brain effort).
Consegui arrumar o erro, mas foi baixando o jogo em outro site <3 Obrigado!!!
This tutorial is old and outdated and should not have been bumped. This process is not recommended at all anymore.

We recommended that you use Lucas' RadMusic Script Builder instead. You can find full documentation on that tool here as well as a more recent community made tutorial here.

I'm going to lock this thread now.
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