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Ok so a while back I started re-texturing Level 1 and while doing so I thought why limit myself to one level when a lot of the textures are re-used in other levels, so I started making the "HD Textures mod". Technically its not really "HD", i just up scaled each individual texture by 400% then redesigned them by hand. I even went over textures I did in "Level 1 HD mod" due to my skill and techniques had improved, the problem is there is too many textures and I don't have the time. I've done 126/227 textures for level one and with each other level I've done less and less. I haven't actually made any new textures for a short while now due to not having the time because of work and going back to college, so this and a few other mods that are only half made are now just taking space on my hard drive. I've been meaning to publish this and my other mods for a while but I keep think I will when i do more but I never do, I don't know if I can continue with this mod due to reasons already stated but if enough people want me to continue I'll do my best.


So what actually is this mod? Well I have up scaled a lot of the worlds textures by 400% then redesigned them by hand, note how I didn't say UI or cars etc because I have not edited those in this mod. I have mostly edited Level one while also editing some common textures in other levels such as the phone booths etc. I have also work on some of the interiors, some interiors are completely finished while others still need a few textures doing. I hope you enjoy!



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Wow! I am in awe!

Nice work!

Thomas "Hipporeno" Donofri
looking good m8
I won't lie some spots seem a bit either hit or miss. I can tell that alot of work went into this and it is quite a quality mod, but some textures seem a bit out of place while others do actually look very good. However I am only judging by the screenshots provided as I have yet to actually test the mod. Either way with a few tweaks this could actually be a proper HD mod, but at the moment it's like almost HD.
I like the cartoony art style. The grass looks a bit out of place because its detail kind of sticks out among the simpler textures, but I like that the style is unique from the original game. Nevertheless, it looks pretty nice, and the amount of effort it must have taken to do this is commendable. Nice job!
I agree some of the textures don't match the rest of the style, if I do decide to continue with it there are a few textures I would like to re-do, grass being one of them.
Any way thank you for the positive responses, I'll try to continue and take your criticism on board although work will probably be slow.
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