Road Rage Returns 1.1 - The Entertainment District (Nuclear Winter Event)

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We came to an agreement with the rest of the world. To celebrate, we're releasing an update to the fabled "Road Rage Returns" mod we once released.

Road Rage Returns - The Entertainment District is now available!

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(You do not need to update the Road Rage Returns music mod)

The Entertainment District: Changelog


  • Added the Entertainment District in Level 2, starring Moe!
  • Changed the order of authors in the author list to be alphabetical as intended.


  • Adjusted the positions of the arrows on the Mission Select screen to better fit the longer name of the Entertainment District.


  • Changed the rewards file for singleplayer to use data from the rewards class.
  • Fixed an issue where the Krusty Burger's postcard had a small typo.
  • Replaced the Halloween Honor Roller in Level 1 with the Tractor.


Level 1 (Evergreen Terrace)
  • Fixed a road node that caused traffic to move at weird angles.
  • Added road nodes on a road that was missing them.
  • Removed various map "upgrades".


  • Buffed Skinner's HP so he can't blow up as easily during the race.
  • Skinner now has his own Sedan (sknsdnRR.p3d) during the race.
  • Added a pre-mission stage to drive to the Grocery Store to fix a bug regarding Marge popping in.
  • Removed changed Mission Complete text to make the transition to Level 2 smoother.

Donut Team
i knew it lol thank you for the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry but for me it doesnt work
What's the issue then? Maybe we could look into it?
Lucas wont opent the Road Rage Returns but it opens the old versions and all the other mods
Does it say anything about why it doesn't open?
Wow ! Great mod, first time playing the road rage event and I got to say it is pretty well made and a lot of fun ! Just tried a couple of missions and it plays smoothly. Well done !
I Loved It 10/10 But Still How DId I Predict this lol
I cannot use the music cause, during playing, the game can ask for CD1.

You should release RRRM 1.1.

P.S: and i suggest to rename this post to "The Nuclear Winter Event : Day 1 - RRR : Level 2 released"
No it says nothing. I dont understand the Problem
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