[Road Rage Returns] Version 1.1 - Support and Problems

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This topic is used for reporting issues with Road Rage Returns 1.1 (The Entertainment District). Believe it or not, repeatedly telling us "it don't work" is not helpful information when we are trying to debug a problem.

Follow BOTH of the steps below.

1. Install Verification

Download the Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run Install Verifier the use the following instructions.

  1. If "Lucas Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher.exe", its "Hacks" folder or its "Mods" folder are in your game directory, move them elsewhere until after the verification is complete. Do not make any other changes to your game directory in preparation.
  2. Open "Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Install Verifier.exe" and click Start and wait for it to complete.
  3. After it completes, it should automatically show a "Save As" Dialogue Box. Save the file somewhere on your computer.
  4. Submit the file to this Dropbox request

2. Provide the following information

Operating System: (ex: Windows 7 64bit)
Did you send us an install verification: (ex: Yes)
Crash dumps if applicable: (ex: https://dropbox.com/totallyarealfile.zip)
What's the issue? (ex: Bart doesn't jump)

Thanks for your support and we will continue to try to fix these issues so everyone can enjoy the mod!
Road Rage Returns

When you launch the mod with certain versions of the game, it will immediately crash to desktop.


Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher 1.15.1 should fix the issue.

Reported by:
Victorio and Felixus
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