Lucas' Simpsons Hit & Run Mod Launcher Linux Launcher

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> Thank you so much for making this.
Thank you for the enthusiasm!

> Forgive me if this is a stupid question, as I'm not very experienced in building .deb packages from source, but as that seems like the only way to get it to run on Debian 10, how do I get the files into the appropriate directories?
Myself, I have been researching the Debian Build System. To get the formula down right to where it will play nice with the rest of the Debian ecosystem is tricky, and requires a lot of time and reading. I don't have any ETA for when I'll get to making the package, though, so right now there *is* no DEB file to build from source.

> but as that seems like the only way to get it to run on Debian 10
Not quite. If you don't mind the program not really being integrated with your system, you could always just follow these instructions to create a Wine prefix capable of running the Mod Launcher EXE, although you lose the benefits of integrations the desktop entries.

> I don't see any configure file or CMakeLists.
These files are generally characteristic of a build system for a project, which isn't quite what my package is. There are two components to the stack for getting it to work on Arch Linux:
- The Linux launcher asset collection, the set of scripts and other assets I have made (or gathered) for integrating the launcher with the desktop. Although this depends on the package placing things in the expected place, it's more or less distro independent.
- The Arch Linux package, the distribution of the files above. This is pieced together by the PKGBUILD Bash script, which is probably what you're looking for, if you want to know where in the system things are placed. However, I would not recommend that you run these commands manually. Having files around your system like that isn't an amazing idea because your package manager is generally pretty good at keeping track of them, and if you put them there manually it can't do that. Having said this, I am aware that Loren has had success with manually installing these files.

To reiterate, although I don't really recommend manually installing the assets, if you want them and don't want to wait for a DEB package to be created, you can download the lucas-simpsons-hit-and-run-mod-launcher-linux-launcher assets, and use the PKGBUILD as a reference for the commands you'll need to install them to your system. Hopefully this clears things up, feel free to ask any further questions. If you need specific troubleshooting with getting things to work, you may find it helpful to join the Discord server.
Thanks again. I used the instructions you linked and it seems to be running pretty well.
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