Random Characters Pack

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This is a pack of random characters for the simpsons hit and run... nothing more to say tbh...
requests please
I went ahead and moved this post to Mod Requests. While I get what you're trying to do, there's nothing really to "showcase" here. Your post needs some formatting to really make it more appealing. Show off any previous work you've done and perhaps set up some guidelines so people don't make requests that are a bit unreasonable for your capabilities (like characters that lack any decent model rips out there unless you're willing to do the work yourself).

How do you plan on handling this, anyway? Just release all the characters in one huge pack that you update overtime, or will each character have their own individual mod?

If you want a request from me, Tanooki Mario would be kind of neat. Maybe port the original Mario from this game as well so Tanooki Mario acts as a costume of sorts.
i have some requests, Niko from GTA IV would be pretty cool. Also, Michael, Franklin, or Trevor from GTA V would be pretty awesome. If you need the character model from those games, if you have the versions for the PC platform installed on your computer, you can use Open IV or a similar tool to extract the models fairly easily. If you don't have the games, i recommend you buy them at walmart or any department store, or online sites such as amazon.
I would like to see al the guys from Looney tunes and Joker
I would like to see Conker, Banjo Kazooie, Invader Zim characters, Futurama characters, and Kermit the Frog
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I would like to see old threads left in the past and not bumped 2 years later.
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