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Mod Showcase / [MOD] The Speedy Simpsons Mod (Version 1.04 in Progress)

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6 months ago
It's been missing for a few months... but the links are back!

The Speedy Simpsons Mod is a mod that adds new mission objectives, changes the way every mission plays, and adds time limits... lots of time limits.

If you would like to play The Speedy Simpsons Mod, click on the download link below:
Download The Speedy Simpsons Mod Version 1.00 (released 11 July 2014)
Download The Speedy Simpsons Mod Version 1.01 (released 21 July 2014)
Download The Speedy Simpsons Mod Version 1.02 (released 29 July 2014)
Download The Speedy Simpsons Mod Version 1.03 (released 30 June 2015)

Version 1.00: Added time limits to every mission, and changed some mission objectives.
Version 1.01: Edited time limits, changed some more mission objectives, and added a difficulty setting to the Mod.
Version 1.02: Edited more time limits, changed some mission layouts/objectives, and moved the locations of all 140 Wasp Cameras.
Version 1.03: Edited some missions and time limits even more; added a 3rd difficulty setting to the Mod; translated Mod into English, Spanish, French, and Lithuanian.

Story Missions: 08/50
Bonus Missions: 1/7
Street Races: 03/21

Thanks for checking out the mod!
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6 months ago
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