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Mod Requests / Ned Flanders' Nightmare Vacation

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6 months ago · edited
Loren what link is there what forum were you talking about???

.P.S. I hope is the appropriate board for asking
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Kenny Giles
6 months ago · Executive Staff Member
There isn't any sort of download link to the mod and it's seemingly canned. As Loren had stated before, there's no thread for the mod here on our forums, nor is there a download link in the preview video. Judging by how Thomas has uploaded some new videos showcasing some different mods, and a response he sent regarding this topic in a private Discord server, the mod is canned.

Regarding the appropriate forum question, you had posted your previous topic in "Mod Showcase", which is only for user mods that are planning to be released or have public download links. It's not a forum section dedicated to requesting download links. "Mod Requests" might have been a more appropriate topic choice for this thread and the previous one. This board is dedicated to technical issues regarding getting the game to work, issues with Lucas' Tools, or if users have issues running any of the current mods we have released.

I'm closing this thread since I personally feel this wasn't worth creating another thread over. Please avoid creating any further threads about this mod.
This topic has been locked and can no longer be replied to.