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Army of Cola and Y.A.SM. (Status and Updates)

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Thomas Donofri
3 months ago
I have been badgered with questions about my first 2 mods, and I will answer them now.

Will you finish Army of Cola 4.8 and Y.A.S.M.?
No. I still have the source, but I do not intend to pick them up again.

Will AOC (and Y.A.S.M.) be finished?
Yes. I am in the process of giving the sources of the original/s to 2 developers I am friends with. (Also the remaster is decompilable you know). =)

Why did you stop these mods?
I got angry after one community member basically told me these mods are mediocre. At this time I didn't handle criticism very well, and in an act of anger, I took the threads down and made another thread in anger. I also wanted to distance myself from these mods because I felt I had to prove I could do better. That's how Wiggum In Zombieland came to be.

Why are you wasting our time with this thread?
I have been silent for too long and I am tired of repeating this.

Thank you,

Thomas Donofri
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3 months ago
Can you make Y.A.S.M. mod avaible to download again??? I was wondering
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2 months ago
I was also wondering that. I am pretty sure Kenny Giles re uploaded AOC Evergreen Buzz in it's current state on MEGA, I could be wrong on who re uploaded it. but it would be great if Y.A.S.M. also gets re uploaded sometime.
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