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Mod Showcase / Phone Booth Plus

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6 months ago · edited

Hello everyone!

In the phone Booth menu in SHAR there are in total 45 cars.
SHAR has a total of 91 cars 46 of the other cars were used in missions and traffic.

This mods adds those 46 cars into the Phone Booth.

The only car that could not be added was the TT, it caused crashed when it was entered.


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6 months ago
This mod is brilliant! :) Remind me which car is the TT? Can this be fixed?
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6 months ago
TT was probably a beta car .
When you enter it, the game can crash.
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6 months ago
And also some cars names are wrong:

-Glass Truck has not be renamed, in fact it is called glastruc.
-Cell Phone Car B and C and some other cars are lazily named A, B, C and so on.

If you make it decompilable , i will remove these errors.
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