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Mod Help / Help launching a custom made mod properly

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6 months ago
How can I make a mod for playing the game without the CD? I already have both "Simpsons.exe" files (the original one, and the no CD crack one). I know how to make mods inside Lucas Launcher (Name of Custom Mod>CustomFiles>scripts/art, as well as the CustomText folder and Meta.ini), whatever changes inside them takes over the files inside the original Hit and Run folder. I've already made some of my own involving script and art, which have worked perfectly.

Yeah I know most of you probably already know all those steps, but my point in saying all of it is so you guys know I know how to make the art and script mods.

Anyway, I've named the file "Play Game Without CD". I've put the CD crack "Simpsons.exe" in Play Game Without CD>CustomFiles. It shows up successfully in Lucas Launcher, and when I launch it with the Play Game Without CD box checked, it says No disc inserted (which is what I want help with).

The script files in the mod successfully take over the original script files, but the CD crack "Simpsons.exe" file isn't taking over the original "Simpsons.exe" file.

Is there something needed to be done in the Meta.ini file or whatever?

Just to be very clear, this is all after completely reinstalling the game without editing any of the original files. Also I completely respect if I shouldn't be making this mod anyway.

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Loren Goodwin
6 months ago · edited · Executive Staff Member
You can't override the game's executable, not only would that be a massive security flaw in this mod launcher but that's also not how CustomFiles works. CustomFiles hooks the games code for loading files to do basically anything, meaning by the time it does anything it's already injected into the game that was already launched.

I'm also locking this thread since we don't allow discussion of cracks or piracy on this forum.
This topic has been locked and can no longer be replied to.