How to verify with SHAR Multiplayer

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This thread was created to help introduce new members to how you can access the leaked Multiplayer.

Steps are similar for both, but are slightly different:


Login to Donut Team

To get a token, you will need to login to Donut Team first. You can login by going to

Head over to the Token page:

Go to You can access it by navigating to that page or clicking the "cog" in the navbar and clicking "Donut Team Token".

Hover over the black box

We hide this token by default because it is important to keep it well hidden. If for some reason it leaks, you can reset the token by clicking the "Reset Token" box.

How to use your Token in the leaked multiplayer

Download the client

Supply your token in the "Token" field

Simply paste your token into this input box:

Please note: The "Name" field isn't your username, it's how you want to be displayed as on the server.

Invalid Token:

Banned Token:

Correct Token:
Game will start and you'll be able to pick a level to play in.

If verified, you should now be able to play!

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