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"same goes for L2 match tower (or whatever it's made of)"

It's made of Popsicle sticks. It's a reference to the end of the episode "Marge vs The Monorail", where it is seen and mentioned at the end.
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By "Sequel-izing" the mod I mean, that this mod is kinda a sequel to original SHaR. I wanted to edit as much as I can, so it would actually resemble a sequel. For example, the incident near the Kwik-E-Mart was removed, same goes for L2 match tower (or whatever it's made of) and a Monorail station (All L2 edits were made by MorganVain, so, thanks to him!) Don't actually remember why I removed some specific gags, but, I guess this was a part o this "sequel-ization"
Ah ok, that makes sense. I forgot the mod was sequel to original SHAR. For gags, I can suggest to change the totals, so that you will get 6/6 in level 2 and so on. And also to remove all the Wasps, as they are all destroyed in the original game, makes no sense to destroy them again, especially since you already did the changes you mentioned to make the mod seem as it takes place after original game. I know there was at least a mod that removed all of them (Road Rage Returns is one of them, another was Loren's Party Remastered, which interestingly was a mod released only on Github, I believe). Of course these suggestions could be considered if you ever intend to release a final 2.0 version of HA, I think you should try doing that. I don't like seeing mods unfinished/abandoned when there is a potential in them.

I think WS is gonna take some time...Since I need the Industrial Zone map to start scripting L3 (I'm still hoping that it will be available to public)
Hmm, I see but maybe you could try fixing the first 2 levels based on community feedback and then release what you have as the initial 1.0 version? Then when Industrial Zone becomes available (if it will become available), maybe you can then work on third level and release as version 2.0?
Or what about the idea above (for version 1.0) with the community feedback for first 2 levels but instead of waiting until Industrial Zone gets released, make level 3 based off an existing map (either level 3 or level 6)? So then it can be released as 1.0, until Industrial Zone becomes available and then you can try doing level 4. Hope this sounds good, if not, sorry and also sorry for going off-topic, I will continue the discussion in Waylon's Story topic if you want.
Dunno how to remove wasps, and I also don't think I'm ever gonna continue developing HA

Regarding WS: I'll think about it, but I strongly prefer to release whole mods, besides, it's in open beta, so, it can technically be considered as "released"

Also, HTD is a few steps before release, and by that I mean it still needs to have Missions 5 - 7, BM and street races done, not to mention some miscellaneous elements
So, it's more likely HTD will come out this month...Or, in January, or Febraury, but it won't need any Industrial Zones, so, yeah, it will eventually come out
Sorry for bumping an old thread, but I can't seem to find one of the Collector Cards in Level 3, and I believe that I've looked everywhere? It's the first Collector Card seen on the View Cards Screen/Scrapbook -> Level 3 -> Cards Screen.

Also, Gordon, I know that you don't have much interest in continuing development with this mod, but if you did, that'd be amazing. I love this mod.
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ruan shut up
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please stop commenting on old posts.
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Hey Gordon Can You Make Another Update Please
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