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Donut Team Maintenance - 4 November 2018: https://donutteam.com/forum/topic/2080/
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1 year ago · edited
Please keep in my that this mod is still far from finished, just like this showcase.

Springfield has plunged into chaos, after a nuclear accident.
Figure out what happend and save the remaining citizens

Currently implemented :

To be implemented :
  • More custom missions
  • Vehicle thumbnails overhaul
  • More vehicles
  • Custom level loading images
  • Custom music
  • Custom dialogues
    And more ! (Leave your suggestions)

Removed links to the download - jake

Changelog :
  • 1.01
    Changed Level 1 Mission 0's description to be more accurate.
  • 1.02
    Added checkpoints for Level 1 Mission 0.
  • 1.03
    New mission
    Nuclear Truck recolored
  • 1.04Old (Before hiatus)
    Fixed Level 1 Mission 1's description.
  • 1.04
    Fixed Level 1 Mission 0's description
    Fixed Level 1 Mission 1's description
    Added "Get in vehicle" objective on last stage of mission Level 1 Mission 0
    Timer for last objective of Level 1 Mission 1 was removed
    Level 1 Mission 1 ends properly now
  • 1.05
    Two (one ?) new mission : "Security Measures" and "Security Measures Pt.II"
    The gate's texture is now back to default
  • 1.06
    Fixed mission title for Level 1 Mission 2
    Fixed mission title for Level 1 Mission 3
    Fixed mission description for Level 1 Mission 2
    Fixed mission decription for Level 1 Mission 3

Sandbox Mode
Theses are old and missing quite a bit of content
Won't be updated anymore.

Removed links to the download - jake

Gordon CMBrony - Help with story missions scripting, was SO helpful.*
Lucas Cardellini and Sparrow - Help with a very annoying bug I had
Tf2_Master - Custom HUD Icons
AyanamiRei0 - Mod banner
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1 year ago
Very cool so far !
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1 year ago · edited
End of hiatus !

Heres 1.03 of story mode, adding a new mission and a recolored vehicle !

Nuclear Fallout - Story Mode 1.03
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11 months ago
wtf is that downloader u r using?
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9 months ago
What do you mean ?
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5 months ago
all versions of mod are broken and wont load
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3 months ago
Unfortunately I'm not working on this mod anymore, but I'm curious as to how that could be.
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3 months ago
i well fixed download up
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Jake Andreøli
3 months ago · Executive Staff Member
The download is broken because of the sketchy website it was uploaded to, I recommend reuploading it to Mega, Dropbox or another reputable file sharing website if you would like to share your mod.

Otherwise, I've removed your links to prevent more people downloading a broken file.
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2 months ago
i think it well be fixed the all download mods
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2 months ago
Exavold Do you still have this mod in your computer?
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Jake Andreøli
2 months ago · edited · Executive Staff Member
Locking this thread as the mod creator hasn't been active and there's no reason to continue discussion when the mod's download is completely unavailable. If the mod creator ever returns, you can create a new thread or ask us to unlock it.
This topic has been locked and can no longer be replied to.