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1 year ago · edited
Please keep in my that this mod is still far from finished, just like this showcase.

Springfield has plunged into chaos, after a nuclear accident.
Figure out what happend and save the remaining citizens

Currently implemented :

To be implemented :
  • More custom missions
  • Vehicle thumbnails overhaul
  • More vehicles
  • Custom level loading images
  • Custom music
  • Custom dialogues
    And more ! (Leave your suggestions)

Removed links to the download - jake

Changelog :
  • 1.01
    Changed Level 1 Mission 0's description to be more accurate.
  • 1.02
    Added checkpoints for Level 1 Mission 0.
  • 1.03
    New mission
    Nuclear Truck recolored
  • 1.04Old (Before hiatus)
    Fixed Level 1 Mission 1's description.
  • 1.04
    Fixed Level 1 Mission 0's description
    Fixed Level 1 Mission 1's description
    Added "Get in vehicle" objective on last stage of mission Level 1 Mission 0
    Timer for last objective of Level 1 Mission 1 was removed
    Level 1 Mission 1 ends properly now
  • 1.05
    Two (one ?) new mission : "Security Measures" and "Security Measures Pt.II"
    The gate's texture is now back to default
  • 1.06
    Fixed mission title for Level 1 Mission 2
    Fixed mission title for Level 1 Mission 3
    Fixed mission description for Level 1 Mission 2
    Fixed mission decription for Level 1 Mission 3

Sandbox Mode
Theses are old and missing quite a bit of content
Won't be updated anymore.

Removed links to the download - jake

Gordon CMBrony - Help with story missions scripting, was SO helpful.*
Lucas Cardellini and Sparrow - Help with a very annoying bug I had
Tf2_Master - Custom HUD Icons
AyanamiRei0 - Mod banner
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1 year ago
Very cool so far !
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1 year ago · edited
End of hiatus !

Heres 1.03 of story mode, adding a new mission and a recolored vehicle !

Nuclear Fallout - Story Mode 1.03
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9 months ago
wtf is that downloader u r using?
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7 months ago
What do you mean ?
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2 months ago
all versions of mod are broken and wont load
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1 month ago
Unfortunately I'm not working on this mod anymore, but I'm curious as to how that could be.
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1 week ago
i well fixed download up
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Jake Andreøli
4 days ago · Executive Staff Member
The download is broken because of the sketchy website it was uploaded to, I recommend reuploading it to Mega, Dropbox or another reputable file sharing website if you would like to share your mod.

Otherwise, I've removed your links to prevent more people downloading a broken file.
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4 days ago
i think it well be fixed the all download mods
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