Sunday Drive V1.11

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That's strange, I am missing the CustomFiles\art\frontend\dynaload\cars file. Strange, I must have deleted it by accident.
This looks pretty nice
Please don't bump a month old thread unless you have more to add to a than "this looks nice". Don't get the wrong idea, I'm glad you are supporting the mod creator, but just try to look at the date of the last post before posting.
What's going on, Colou? Cool mod! Will the next update for Sunday Drive have two levels? I'm looking forward to the next level actually. Again, this mod is cool! Really awesome! Cheers!

Yours truly, BartBoy1998
Update 1.1, about time!

  • Added L2
  • Added L2 missions 1-4
  • Fixed some HUD issues

Yeah, I was at this for nearly 4 months and only got 4 missions done
Hello, Look When I Go To The Mssion Mission is second the characters remain quiet no dialogues and if I leave I will stay in the place, will it be because I have I will stay in the place, will it be because I have it in Spanish The Game? ... Sorry mi bad English search by Google Translater
hi here im haveing a problem when i get to moes house my game fresses can you help me
A few bugs/issues to note:

Level 1's Collector Card (Stonecutter parchment) missing.
Level 1 Bonus mission identical to base game.
Only one race mission.

Electaurus is not available from the phone booth (lost forever if the vehicle is changed)
Level 2 Bonus mission identical to base game.
Attempting to change Lisa's clothes in level 2 crashes the game
Attempting to interact with race characters (Milhouse, Nelson, Ralph) locks character in cutscene (can be escaped by escaping cutscene and selecting mission) (locks out Moe's Sedan)

Might be more, will keep updated.
I was already aware of all of those issues, most are due to the mod not being complete yet.
It's worth noting, however that the Stonecutters parchment isn't actually missing, it's been moved to a different location. I plan to eventually move all of the cards.
stonecutters parchment is at the pool near burn's mansion
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