Jack's Lore Friendly Car Pack (Final)

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Hey there, Jack.
I just thought that I'd say that while this is a cool car pack, I would just like to point out to you that the Langer (Blue pickup truck), after being bought, seems to cause the game to freeze when being highlighted in a phone booth. It's phone booth portrait is also absent in this case.
Do you think you could fix this, as well as any other issues with this pack?
Im pretty sure that adding more cars to the phonebooth and scrolling through the booth after a few times will eventually cause a crash i don't know how to fix this but its not an issue with the mod itself

That is incorrect information. This has been done before in a mod, which doesn't crash:

There's a problem during level 4 were Marge cannot access her other costumes/suits. This is very disappointing as you need 2 out of 3 of the available costumes and yet we can only access one. I hope this problem is fixed soon enough so that we can continue playing through our saves without getting stuck. Either way, the work you have done has been great and the only other problem is the car doors. But overall, nice job and good luck!
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