How Did You Find Donut Team?

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The Year was 27th February 2016 for me, which happens to be Pokémon's 20th Year Anniversary (No relation just pointing that out) anyway:
Me and my friend were talking about PC Games we can play in the ICT room and he mentioned The Simpsons Game I used to own for the PlayStation 2 I said that was a good idea, told him all about it and then went to go get the game for PC, After it finished installing I was playing it for a couple of hours and then realised there are mods for the game because I remembered a mad man by the name of Lucas Cardellini done videos on YouTube of mods, I remembered the Snow Hack he did and I wanted it so badly at first I thought that was a special version of the game at the time and when I found out it was a mod 6/7 year old me tried to mod the game by putting a PlayStation 2 disc in the laptop and tried changing the files (can't remember how that went but I didn't break the game) anyway flash forward back to 2016 I went to YouTube and typed in "Simpsons Hit&Run Mods"
These 2 babies pop up:

I thought it was really cool and found out this was the works of Donut Team so I got on twitter and started messaging them and they eventually told me to join their fourms so on February 29th 2016 possibly 1AM, my account was born and the rest is history!

- Panda X ????

What's your story?
That was in 2015, I was searching something in my cabinet, and I found some disks of my old PC games. I was interested in SHaR and then I reinstalled it on my PC. After playing it I was wondering if it's possible to somehow modify it. And I found some videos with guy repainted some vehicles and then I found somewhat called "Project Donut". Later I found the Donut Team itself. I was developing my first (shitty) mod. But later my computer was damaged and I bought a new one however I forgot the old password, so I've created a new account somewhere in 2016.

Well, that was my short story about joining DT.

- Gordon CMB
I actually found Donut Team ages ago, right after Donut Mod 2 was released, but at the time I had a really terrible PC and only owned the GameCube version of the game. After I got it for PC a few months ago, I was looking up tutorials and stuff (Because I can't be bothered to find stuff out on my own) and some mod videos came up. I remembered about Donut Team and I decided to try my hand at modding. You can decide for yourself how well that turned out...
I found it way back when it was still called proejct donut. It was by complete luck that I found the website as I was randomly watching videos about SHAR and came across a tutorial about how to download skins for the game from this website. I went to the website and found they were also working on mod to revamp all the missions in the game, and since then iv'e been following Donut Team and there work.
i made it.
originally a joke to tease nightbane on discord, later learned how godlike dt is. amen
I searched for "The Simpsons Hit & Run Hacks" on Youtube, and found this trailer.
Response to Jake Andreøli
Had a feeling you were gonna comment on my thread XD
I knew DT since its sunrise. I vaguely remind the old site, full of ads and pop-ups, where you had to register to download content too. But then, after many time, i registered to today's new site and started to download, play and create mods and stuff with SHAR. And, as i previously said in other threads, i started doing this when Donut Mod already reached the Seaside Update, so i always wanted to try Project Donut and DM old versions, but i could only see them in videos. They are completely disappeared from the whole Web.

So, this is a little story of a big discovering....

-JoJo :-)
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