[Mod] Ned Flanders In: Nightmare Vacation DEMO [Live Now]

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Ned Flanders needs a vacation!, However the Squidport has something more sinister in mind...

Demo Contents

* L1M0-2
* L1BM1


* Fixed Line 54 in m0i.lua (AddCondition had no condition in the brackets)
* added Gas hud icon to m0i.lua (somehow we forgot to add the hud icon into the script)
* Fixed another line with an empty AddCondition
Great mod with lots of things to come, looking forward to it.
1.0.1 is live! check the changelog
for some reason i got a AddCondition error when you said it was fixed
EDIT Fix is live

I am aware of this issue, a fix is coming I've just been so busy I haven't had time for it.


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