A Christmas In Springfield

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The December fixer update is out, thanks for everyone's patience.

Hello everyone. Merry Christmas!

I'm Sparrow. You may know me from such mods as Housewife duties and... that's it really.

Here comes a project that has tested my creativity to its limits and has tested the patience of debug checks too (debug checks was not harmed in the making of this mod, nor did it pop up whatsoever). Ahem, anyway... Ever wanted Springfield to be a winter wonderland? Not just any winter wonderland - a Christmas winter wonderland? Not only that but with missions too? That's this mod. Turns out this mod took a lot more work than I expected, so here we have it.

This mod took me forever. I had some stress and some pushes from some amazing beta testers. Here we have it, 4 whole days to play it before the Christmassy spirit goes out the window.

This mod is made by me, so there's obviously going to be issues.

"Enough with the intros! What does this mod involve?" I hear you asking.


Download Link:
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I want to beta test. Like I know I was a bad tester for Housewife Duties, but may I have a second chance?


Can I also be one? Already asked, but.
I'd like to test this mod as well, and then later become bored of it in 10 minutes.

*Eventually sees description of himself in the collector cards, causing him to malfunction.*
I would love to beta test!
[removed]1 year
I would also love to be a beta tester
Not that I'd be very good at it...
I can beta test it, if ya want
Good idea, btw!
Yo, i 'd test it if you want. I never tested a mod...
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