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Thank you for reporting these, sorry you were disappointed. Most of them probably came down to the fact I was at a deadline. There is going to be a mission remaster update sometime during December this year.
@Gordon, my PC is using Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit and has 4 GB RAM. I don't think my PC is at fault because I played so far almost every mod that was released and I had no problems with any of them, with some minor exceptions. But this mod had two missions broken that crashed the game and one that couldn't be finished, so I had to report these problems. Wish I reported them 2 days ago when I played the mod and not today after a Fixer update already got released. That way maybe the fixer update could have been released a bit later that fixed these bugs as well.

@Sparrow, no worries. I will be sure to play the remastered version of the mod in December. I understand right now Christmas is long gone but I thought it was a good idea to wait a few months to play recently released mods since I don't feel like playing a mod when gets released because the initial version usually contains bugs that are fixed in short time and I prefer to experience a newer version of the mod, preferably latest but in this case I will play mod again when gets remastered in December. Right now I don't think it's worth replaying through the whole mod just because something got fixed which I didn't even experience (I guess the error reported earlier by someone else had something to do with buying the costume, which didn't occur to me). Interesting how some errors occur to different people.
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I have the same problem as Bart95, though I'm using Windows 10 64-bit with 8GB. No worries though, I'll eagerly wait for December but I just want to point out the bug isn't exclusive to him.

Edit: I found out the problem with Skinner's mission. A race with Superintendent Chalmers is supposed to be triggered as soon as you leave the school, but the checkpoint is on the grocery store side, so it won't be triggered if you exit through the side near the school signboard. Since you 'skip' the race this way, nothing will happen when you reach Skinner's house. As for the last mission on the cementery, my problem is a bit different than Bart95's: the game freezes and crashes after a few secons chasing Homer (during the very first part of the mission), so I can't even get to see Snake.
Gabo2oo, thank you very much for figuring out the problem with Skinner's mission. I will be sure to replay the mission and complete it this time, I had no idea that there was supposed to be a race which would get triggered at the grocery, as I always exited the school through the other side to reach the home faster. And yeah, it's weird how people have different issues with this mod, it seems like it wasn't properly tested or rushed or something like that, which is a shame since it would have been a great mod if it weren't for these 3 glitched missions. But like I said, I will not mind to replay it the next Christmas, I just hope it will not be buggy anymore.

Anyway, last week I decided to replay the mod using the latest update from March (hoping it actually fixed the issues) and experienced pretty much the exact same glitches and crashes during missions 4, 5 and 7. Too bad after finishing the mod (after redoing all the collectibles and the playable missions), I deleted the mod and saves and now I have to do the whole thing over just so I can get to properly finish Skinner's mission, ugh. I know I can just skip directly to mission 5 using the Unlock All Missions hack in the launcher (which is pretty much required and what I used before, to get past the unplayable 4th mission that crashes the game as soon as it starts) but I just prefer to collect absolutely everything before doing the missions, as all the breakable stuff (such as buzz cola crates and vending machines) and coins and cards scattered can be distracting during missions and it's better to have all these one time only stuff gone from the level.
the fourth mission crashes my game
Those who have the mod still, feel free to keep reporting bugs here. I've taken the mod down until further notice until I've fixed the crashing so hang tight until December for re-release.
I replayed the mod once again in past few days and found a couple more important things to say about the following:

-In the Skinner mission that I thought it was impossible to complete before, it turns out that indeed there was a race at the grocery and after activating the race and going to Skinner's house, I could complete the mission just fine. I just wish it was more clear before that you were supposed to go to grocery instead of just going home.

-In the next mission with following Snake until your car "crashes" and having to destroy Curator in time, in previous time I played the mod I didn't get to destroy the Curator in time and has reached the cemetery but nothing happened, the mission still continued and I was still able to complete the mission in that time without having to redo it. I'm guessing the mission failed condition wasn't set or something like that.

-In the final mission which (aside from mission 4 with meeting Bart at Kwik-e-Mart) is impossible to complete because after talking to Snake, another song is supposed to play but it just makes the game error out with some .rsd file missing. And there is actually a way to skip it and be able to see the ending of the mod (well, the credits). You need to fail on purpose by getting away and lose Homer on purpose (instead of following him), however at the retry mission screen, don't select Yes as if you do that, the game crashes when the mission is restarting with the same .rsd file missing error. So what you want to do is select No and then save game. If you go to talk to Marge to start mission, then the game also crashes with the same .rsd error, so what you want is after the previous step, quit game and then resume game from your last save (that way the game remembers the amount of times you failed the mission) and then you are able to start mission fine once again. Repeat the same process about 5 times until you get the option to Skip mission, select option to skip and then you get to see the credits. I know this is not the best way to finish the mod but it's the only way available.

-The total amount of gags is also glitched, I noticed you added the unused gag in the garden and that way you can achieve 16 gags out of 15, you might want to increase total gags to 16.

-There seems to be CBG inside the Simpsons house on the outside. He can be reached only with cheat keys. However talking to him makes you unable to move and no conversation is happening. If you wanted to remove the bonus mission, why you just hid him instead of completely removing him?

-On the phone booth, Malibu Stacy Car still has the old image instead of the new design.

-Oh and I also remember a minor bug in one of earlier missions where there was no icon shown when you were told to go home or to talk with someone, I wish I could remember the details here but that's all I remember. At least I reported all the major bugs.

To end this message, all I've got to say is I am very sorry that this mod didn't turn out to be as I hoped, the mod is probably one of the best looking mods and had high expectations. For the most part the mod is great but what really ruined it the most were those glitches and crashes. I understand you were on a deadline but there is no excuse to have a mod released that broken after being beta tested by several members of the community who I assume were able to detect the majority of the bugs that the mod had, yet no one was able to detect that missions 4 and 7 crash the game, unless one of the later updates broke it as I admit I haven't played the initial 1.0 version, just the first and second fixer updates. Still it's weird how the fixer update suddenly broke those 2 missions...

I have read the first post and I see you are very busy with life and I can understand that. Good luck with the exams and life in general! Hope everything turns out well. And hope the next December update is going to fully fix this mod, maybe even overhaul it if there needs to be a bigger update.
I assume there will be an update to this mod sometime in the next month or so!
Looking forward to it if there is! :)
i will gladly beta test it when you think you have it all done the fix :)
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